Why Use Paper Pads?

Paper pads are a cost-effective alternative to moving blankets when it comes to storing and transporting bulky but sensitive items, particularly timber furniture. Paper pads for moving are variously known as furniture paper pads or paper moving blankets.

New Haven Moving Equipment is your source of premium quality kraft paper pads for moving.

How are paper pads for moving constructed?

Paper pads for moving are made from layers of paper encased in a kraft paper sleeve. There are normally two to three internal layers which can include tissue paper, newsprint paper and non-woven papers.

These layered paper pads are widely used by professional movers for containerization and overseas shipments. They provide protective cushioning for large items but also offer additional advantages over moving blanket made from plastic and other materials.

At New Haven, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality packaging materials for our customers and our range of paper pads are no exception. Many of our sales team and managers have previous experience working in the moving industry and know first hand what is needed to provide a professional standard service.

The advantages of paper pads for storing and moving furniture

Just like woven moving blankets, paper pads can provide protection, for furniture and other big items, from dust and abrasions during moving. They are particularly suitable for single trip shipments or short-term storage as they are very economical.

Paper pads are also valued by professional moving companies because they are designed not to retain water. Cushioning timber furniture with plastic can cause problems, especially if temperatures fluctuate. Hot temperatures will cause any residual moisture in the wood to evaporate but this will then condense on the inside of plastic materials, sometimes leading to staining and even mold growth. Likewise, metal items like white goods can start to rust in these conditions.

Although moving blankets are much more breathable than plastic, they still tend to retain more moisture than paper pads.

Another advantage of paper pads for moving is their weight as they are much lighter than moving blankets. Of course, if you also need moving blankets, we supply a generous selection of different types including the Dreadnaught Furniture Pad, a product created by our founder and widely considered the industry's most protective and finest made moving pad. It was also the country's first machine made moving pad.

Paper pads are also much easier to dispose of and very kind to the environment. They can be universally recycled once they are no longer needed.

How to order your New Haven paper pads

New Haven kraft paper pads are supplied in a variety of widths and lengths and some products are available in both two and three ply versions. This will help you to customize your order to suit the type of furniture or other items you are moving or storing. All of our paper pads are sold in bundles of 25 so simply enter the number of bundles you need and then click the red cart icon to add them to your order.

If you need to view, amend or add products, you can click the cart icon at the top of the page to access your order details.

As with all orders placed with New Haven Moving Equipment, you can expect a fast turnaround time whether you are ordering online or visiting one of our outlets. Our sales team are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the highest quality of service.

The availability of specific sizes and weights are restricted by state so please click on the individual product before placing your order.