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Learn About the Right Equipment to Use

The Benefits of Computer/Monitor Sleeves For Moving +

Whether you are in charge of a complex office relocation or a straightforward domestic move, you will inevitably be required to transport computers, monitors, keyboards and other accessories. New Haven supplies a generous range of high quality computer sleeves, foam bags and poly bags designed specifically for these sensitive electronic devices.

As with all packaging supplies manufactured and distributed by New Haven, the utmost care and attention has been taken to ensure our customers benefit from the highest quality products on the market.


Although most computer keyboards are designed to be robust, particularly those used in aĀ Ā busy office environment, they do require extra care when being transported. While packing keyboards into cartons and supporting them with bubble wrap and other cushioning will protect the delicate electronics inside from impact, we also advise adding an extra layer of protection to the surface. This will prevent scratching and provide a barrier to moisture, liquid spills, dust and dirt. It will also help to contain cords and cables, preventing them from becoming detached.

New Haven computer keyboard sleeves are ideal for this purpose and we can supply them in various sizes and thicknesses to meet your requirements. Their durable construction means they can be reused multiple times, saving you money on future packaging orders.

Our lead in standard (non-antistatic) keyboard poly bags are 2mm thick and measure 14 inches x 20 inches. For added strength, we can supply larger sleeves up to 4mm thick.

If you need a keyboard sleeve with dissipative antistatic properties, we also stock several options for you to choose from. Antistatic sleeves and bags are particularly suitable for items that are vulnerable to damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). They are given a special chemical coating to discharge charges to earth rather than allow them to build up on the surface of the bag.

All of our sleeves are available to order individually or in cases of 100 to 500 units depending on the type you need. Please see the individual product descriptions for full details.


Computer monitors come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they are all sensitive electronic appliances that require maximum protection during transit. For example, some have vulnerable LCD or plasma screens. New Haven stocks an extensive range of poly bags, bubble bags and foam sleeves. Some products have dissipative antistatic coatings to discharge any charges that can build up over time.


When you have decided on the size, type and color of sleeves and bags needed, enter the quantity in the box provided, remembering to check whether the product is sold individually or by the case. You can then click the red cart icon to add the product to your main shopping cart. This can be edited at any time by clicking the cart icon on the top menu bar.

Since many of our sales people and managers have experience working in the moving industry, we understand the importance of providing a prompt and efficient service. If you are ordering online, we aim to send out your order either that same day or the following working day wherever possible.

If you are fortunate enough to drop into one of our well-stocked physical outlets, you will experience our commitment to customer service at first hand. Our dedicated sales professionals will fulfill your order, answer any questions you might have about our products and have you back on the road in no time.


The Multiple Properties of Stretch Wrap +

Whether you call it stretch wrap, stretch film, pallet wrap or simply plastic wrap, this versatile packaging material is highly effective when it comes to securing cartons and pallets ahead of shipping or transporting by road. Stabilizing and securing heavy loads will prevent them from falling over and limit shifting during transit, reducing the risk of damage.

New Haven Moving Equipment can supply all of the stretch wrap you need together with robust dispensers for fast and easy application.

The multiple properties of stretch wrap

Stretch wrap is used in many different ways during commercial and domestic moves. It is commonly used for preparing large shipments of boxes and is often referred to as pallet wrap in this context (although shrink wrap, a different type of film, can also be used as pallet wrap).Ā Ā When wound around a load of storage cartons, pallet wrap provides extra protection, binding the boxes together and securing them to their pallet ready for their journey.

Sheets of stretch wrap can be simply wound around boxes to secure them but experienced warehouse operatives have their own methods for securing loads with stretch wrap which might involve twisting the applicator upside down and even creating extra strength and security by pulling sheets into concentrated plastic 'ropes.'

For domestic moves, stretch wrap is often recommended for wrapping furniture where it provides extra cushioning and protection from moisture and dust. It can also be built up into layers and placed inside storage boxes to cushion fragile items.

New Haven supplies rolls and cases of stretch wrap in multiple widths

New Haven Moving Equipment provides plastic wrap in various sizes to meet a wide variety of moving needs. Our narrowest rolls measure 5 inches wide by 1,000 feet and are available either by the roll or in cases of 16 complete with handles.

We also offer stretch wrap in widths of 16, 17, 18 and 20 inches and in weights of 30g, 45g, 65g and 80g. Most are sold both as individual rolls and in cases of 4.

Pre-stretch wrap is another economical option New Haven offers its customers. This is plastic wrap which has been stretched during production and can be loosely wrapped around loads for even faster and more convenient preparation.

If you are specifically looking for black stretch wrap, we can also supply this for you.

High quality stretch wrap dispensers for added efficiency

A good quality stretch wrap dispenser is a must, especially if you need to apply a lot of stretch wrap. Stretch wrap dispensers consist of a core, on which the rolls of stretch wrap sit, and a stabilizing handle to make wrapping a load quick and easy. A decent dispenser will allow you to set the tension of the stretch wrap to just the right level for smooth application.

In addition to stretch wrap dispensers that adjust from 12 to 18 inch width rolls, New Haven also supplies sets of hand savers. Also termed 'end bungs,' these can be placed either side of the core of a roll, of any width, to help with application.

How to order your New Haven stretch wrap and dispensers

As with ordering any packaging supplies or moving equipment from New Haven, simply enter the quantity of each type of stretch wrap and dispenser in the box alongside the item and click the red cart icon to add the items to your main shopping cart. Quantities can be adjusted and items added or removed before checkout. Further details on products can be found on the individual product description pages. Sizes and weights available can vary by region.

Selecting the Right Packing Tape +

The humble roll of packing tape can easily slip under the radar when placing an order for moving supplies. However, running out of tape or not having the right type of tape dispenser can really slow down a move.

The answer is to get your carton seal tape and dispensers sorted out well ahead of time and to make sure you have sufficient quantities of each.

What type of carton seal tape do you need?

When you first browse our tape and dispenser selection you might feel overwhelmed with the choice. However, there are just three main questions you need to answer.


New Haven can supply carton seal tape in two different sizes: 2 inches by 55 yards and 2 inches by 110 yards. As a rule of thumb, one large roll of packing tape can secure one to two rooms' worth of moving cartons.

Looking at it another way, one yard is equal to 36 inches. If you were to use two strips of tape along the top and bottom of a medium carton (18 inch length), you would need 72 inches (2 yards) of tape per box. In that case, one roll of 110 yard tape could seal 55 boxes.


New Haven can also supply cases of 36 rolls of packing tape. If you are preparing for a large house move, a commercial or industrial move or just prefer to save money by buying in bulk, ordering one or more cases may be the best option.


New Haven supplies both tan/brown and clear versions of packing tape. Which one you order is a matter of preference; there is no practical difference between the two.

Once you have decided on a color, the number of rolls and the length of the tape you need, you can easily locate the items you need on our product page.

Hand-held tape dispensers for efficient and effective tape application

You will also want to ensure you have reliable tape dispensers on hand. When packing and sealing moving cartons, the standard desk-based tape dispensers are not ideal. Most people find the pistol grip design a much faster alternative.

New Haven can supply deluxe, pistol grip tape dispensers compatible with both our 55 yard and 110 yard lengths of seal tape.

How many tape dispensers do you need? Ordering multiple tape dispensers may seem excessive but it is worth considering for a couple of reasons. First, you can speed up your packing and loading by giving additional tape dispensers to other members of your family (or work colleagues). Second, it is always a good idea to have at least one spare tape dispenser. It is easy to misplace one in the excitement of a move and knowing where there is a spare can save you wasting time trying to remember where you last used your dispenser.

Will you be decorating or renovating a property?

If you are decorating a new home or office or renovating your existing property, New Haven can provide you with a high quality painters' tape. This is designed to help create sharp lines by providing an effective barrier to paint. It is designed to easily peel off a surface without leaving residue and is available in single rolls or 24 roll packs.

How to order your New Haven tape and dispensers

To order your New Haven tape and dispensers, simply select the quantities you need and click the red cart icon. Clicking the product name will take you to a more detailed product description.


What is the Right Packaging for You?

About Our Packaging +

Professional Movers know that the quality of oneā€™s Packaging Materials can make a crucial difference in the success of your move.

Reliable, quality,Ā packaging is an indispensable aspect of your every move. Tape that you can count on to seal boxes without failure, Bubble Pack that will cushion your valuables with consistency, and Newsprint that is properly and reliably sized and pliable so that you can effectively pack and protect your valuables makes a world of difference ā€“ no matter where in the world your shipment is being delivered.

New Haven sells only well-made, consistently dependable packaging materials, and we make it available to you at economical pricing. Our Newsprint stands out in the industry as optimally protective and reliable in the size and integrity of each piece. Ā Our carton and masking tape can be counted on for strength, resilience and ability to securely adhere and stick to surfaces.Ā  We also offer specialty packaging materials for computers, including anti-static keyboard covers and padding for computer monitors.Ā  From such specialty packaging items as our Pakā€™Nā€™Move Mattress Bags to our paper pads with special inner-ply layers to our professional tape dispensers and Kraft Paper, you can count on New Haven to ensure that your packaging will be secure, and that you will be able to package, secure, store and transport your shipments with confidence.

Why Use Microfoam Peanuts? +

For lightweight protection of valuable and sensitive goods, microfoam sheets and loosefill polystyrene peanuts can make all the difference. Choose from our generous range of microfoam rolls and packing peanuts while benefiting from New Haven's unrivaled customer service and fast turnaround times.


Microfoam is a versatile packing foam with an impressive list of properties. Formed from low density polypropylene, microfoam is very light, helping to keep shipping and labor costs to a minimum.

One of the chief benefits of microfoam is its breathability which helps to protect goods from moisture. This forms an effective protection agsinst fungal growth such as mold and mildew and, for metal goods, rust. Since microfoam is chemically inert, it won't itself react with anything it comes into contact with. This makes it ideal for wrapping everything from finished wood, glass and plastic to organic produce, ceramics and metal (painted or unpainted). It is also a powerful insulator and is often used for storing flowers and plants over the winter.

Microfoam can help prevent damage from many different sources including scratches, vibrations and direct impact. Most adhesive tapes will stick firmly to microfoam, providing an effective tamper-proof seal. Microfoam is resilient, pliable and can be combined with polyolefin film laminates and other plastics. It can also be printed on in multiple colors for branding or labeling purposes.


Since there is no such thing as a standard moving or shipping assignment, New Haven supplies microfoam in a variety of different gauges, widths and lengths.

The thickness of our microfoam ranges from 1/32 inch up to Ā¼ inch and we stock a range of widths from 12 inches up to 72 inches. We also offer plenty of choice in terms of length with rolls ranging from 100 feet up to 2000 feet. Many of our microfoam rolls are perforated at convenient 12 inch intervals, allowing you to easily tear off a foam sheet to the specific length you need.

This variety helps our customers to meet their packaging dimension requirements while reducing packing material wastage.


Packing peanuts are a useful lightweight packing material for filling voids and cushioning fragile items. We offer our customers a choice between traditional polystyrene peanuts and the newer eco-friendly corn starch based peanuts which can be composted for a reduced environmental footprint.

Our standard bags of packing peanuts measure 14 cubic feet but we can also supply them in smaller bags of 1 cubic foot each.


In line with our sincere commitment to high quality customer service, we have made it as quick and easy as possible for you to place an order with us. You can add rolls of microfoam and bags of packing peanuts to your order by entering the quantities you require and then clicking the red cart icon. Your items will appear together in your shopping cart which can be viewed or amended by clicking the cart icon at the top of the page.

In most cases, we can despatch your order either on the same day or the next working day, helping to keep your operation running smoothly.

If you intend to visit one of New Haven's moving equipment and packaging outlets, please be aware that some products are only available in certain states. Check the individual product pages to make sure before paying us a visit. However you decide to place it, we look forward to fulfilling your order.

Why Use Paper Pads? +

Paper pads are a cost-effective alternative to moving blankets when it comes to storing and transporting bulky but sensitive items, particularly timber furniture. Paper pads for moving are variously known as furniture paper pads or paper moving blankets.

New Haven Moving Equipment is your source of premium quality kraft paper pads for moving.

How are paper pads for moving constructed?

Paper pads for moving are made from layers of paper encased in a kraft paper sleeve. There are normally two to three internal layers which can include tissue paper, newsprint paper and non-woven papers.

These layered paper pads are widely used by professional movers for containerization and overseas shipments. They provide protective cushioning for large items but also offer additional advantages over moving blanket made from plastic and other materials.

At New Haven, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality packaging materials for our customers and our range of paper pads are no exception. Many of our sales team and managers have previous experience working in the moving industry and know first hand what is needed to provide a professional standard service.

The advantages of paper pads for storing and moving furniture

Just like woven moving blankets, paper pads can provide protection, for furniture and other big items, from dust and abrasions during moving. They are particularly suitable for single trip shipments or short-term storage as they are very economical.

Paper pads are also valued by professional moving companies because they are designed not to retain water. Cushioning timber furniture with plastic can cause problems, especially if temperatures fluctuate. Hot temperatures will cause any residual moisture in the wood to evaporate but this will then condense on the inside of plastic materials, sometimes leading to staining and even mold growth. Likewise, metal items like white goods can start to rust in these conditions.

Although moving blankets are much more breathable than plastic, they still tend to retain more moisture than paper pads.

Another advantage of paper pads for moving is their weight as they are much lighter than moving blankets. Of course, if you also need moving blankets, we supply a generous selection of different types including the Dreadnaught Furniture Pad, a product created by our founder and widely considered the industry's most protective and finest made moving pad. It was also the country's first machine made moving pad.

Paper pads are also much easier to dispose of and very kind to the environment. They can be universally recycled once they are no longer needed.

How to order your New Haven paper pads

New Haven kraft paper pads are supplied in a variety of widths and lengths and some products are available in both two and three ply versions. This will help you to customize your order to suit the type of furniture or other items you are moving or storing. All of our paper pads are sold in bundles of 25 so simply enter the number of bundles you need and then click the red cart icon to add them to your order.

If you need to view, amend or add products, you can click the cart icon at the top of the page to access your order details.

As with all orders placed with New Haven Moving Equipment, you can expect a fast turnaround time whether you are ordering online or visiting one of our outlets. Our sales team are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the highest quality of service.

The availability of specific sizes and weights are restricted by state so please click on the individual product before placing your order.

Why Use Newsprint? +

Invented in 1844, newsprint paper is an economical paper designed to run through printing presses as a 'web' rather than individual sheets. It is also useful as a packaging material and is used both to wrap and to cushion delicate items prior to packing.

New Haven supplies a premium quality newsprint stock which can be quickly delivered to your door in the quantities you need. As with all products supplied by New Haven Moving Equipment, you can be assured that our newsprint paper has been produced and selected with the professional mover in mind. Many of our sales people and managers have worked in the industries they serve and understand first hand the priorities of our customers.


Newsprint packing paper takes its name from its usage in the newspaper printing industry; it is also used in the advertising industry for economical print promotions. Anyone who has ever handled a newspaper or local advertising pages will recognize the distinctive look and feel of the stock.

Newsprint paper is usually supplied in a plain, off-white color and does not contain any ink. It is often bought in bulk as an economical source of paper for sketching and painting as well as for wrapping and packaging purposes.


People have reused old newspapers as extra packaging for decades. It is light but also strong. It can be used to fill up spaces in moving cartons and it is economical. The one major disadvantage to using newspapers as a wrapping paper is the presence of ink. This can cause permanent staining to the items wrapped.

Since New Haven newsprint paper is unprinted, it is perfectly acceptable ā€“ and recommended ā€“ to use it to wrap your fragile items such as dishes, glasses, bowls, plates and collectables. By wrapping valuables in newsprint paper before wrapping them with bubble wrap, you add an extra layer of protection.

Newsprint packing paper can also be used to help cushion items within moving cartons. If you gently shake a moving box, the contents should not move or make a sound. If they do, this can often be resolved by crumpling newsprint paper and stuffing this in the empty spaces.

Newsprint packaging paper is also kind to the environment. Since its structure is mostly wood pulp, it biodegrades quickly. It is also universally accepted for recycling which makes waste disposal easier and less expensive. It can even be reused in schools or households for art projects.


There are two ways to purchase newsprint paper from New Haven: by the box or in bundles by weight. We can supply bundles of 25 or 30 pounds in weight, charged by the pound. Alternatively, you can order one or more 10 pound cartons of newsprint paper.

Once you have decided on how much newsprint paper you need, enter the appropriate quantity next to your chosen product and click the red cart icon. Please note that some products are supplied by the box and others by the pound so take care when placing your order. You can view and adjust your order at any time by clicking the cart icon at the top of the page.

In most cases, we can dispatch your order of newsprint paper either the same day or the next working day. If you decide to visit our New Haven outlets, our sales people will welcome you and ensure you receive the high quality service you expect. Please note that availability varies by state. Please check the product description before visiting or placing an online order.

Why Use Bubble Wrap? +

Bubble wrap is a versatile and effective form of protection for all kinds of storage and moving projects. Choosing the right type of bubble wrap for your needs is important so please spend time browsing our products for the exact item or items you need. For example, the size of the air filled cells affects the anti-abrasive and cushioning properties of the wrap.

As with all of our packaging materials and shipping supplies, you can rest assured that every item from our bubble wrap range has been designed and produced to the exacting standards for which we at New Haven Moving Equipment are known. Our bubble wrap is strong, durable and lightweight; it won't let you down.


The size of the bubbles in a sheet or roll of bubble wrap affects its properties so it is important to assess your priorities before placing an order. New Haven supplies bubble wrap with either 3/16 inch, 5/16 inch or Ā½ inch bubbles.

Smaller bubbles are ideal when you need to protect sensitive surfaces from abrasion. For example, you can protect a television screen or mirror from scratches by wrapping it securely in this type of bubble wrap.

The larger the bubbles, the greater protection your wrapped items or goods will have from impact damage, including being dropped. It is common for movers to combine bubble wrap of different sizes to maximize protection.


You will find an extensive range of bubble wrap options on our product pages. The rolls we sell vary in width; we supply bubble wrap in multiples of 12 inches (e.g. 12, 24, 48 inches, etc.)

We also offer a generous selection of different lengths of bubble wrap with rolls ranging from just 40 feet up to more than 700 feet. Did you know that when you gently shake a moving carton containing items protected by bubble wrap, you shouldn't hear a sound? Make sure you have sufficient bubble wrap for your needs so you can guarantee optimal protection.

For decades, we have been providing our customers with the highest quality packaging materials, including bubble wrap. They use our bubble wrap for many different purposes, from protecting fragile collectibles during house moves to ensuring safety and security for machinery and equipment during commercial and industrial transits. If you have any questions at all about the suitability of our bubble wrap for your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us; we are dedicated to your satisfaction.


If you are looking for a premium grade packaging material which adds surface protection to the cushioning qualities of bubble wrap, New Haven supplies a Kraft backed bubble wrap. This is often used for wrapping timber furniture, protecting it from impacts during transport while keeping it clean and dry.

If you are planning to move or ship electrical appliances, we recommend investing in some rolls of New Haven anti-static bubble wrap. This is a high quality packing material designed to eliminate static discharge for safe, trouble-free transit.


Our commitment to customer service extends to our pain-free online ordering process. Simply enter the quantity of each item of packing material you need and click the red cart icon to add it to your order. We offer a fast turnaround time with many orders dispatched on the day of order or the next working day. Alternatively, you can visit one of our coast-to-coast distribution centers. Our dedicated staff will look after you and you can often be served and on your way in twenty minutes.








Everything You Need to Know About Moving Boxes

Choosing the Right Box Size +

One of the first decisions you will make when preparing for a house move is which moving boxes to use. New Haven offer a full range of high quality household cartons for all purposes. These include standard storage boxes in four different sizes (plus their variations) as well as a selection of speciality boxes for specific item types.

A box is NOT just a box

It is a big mistake to assume that a professional grade household carton is no different to any other cardboard box you could pick up from a store.

Unless you are 100% sure that the second hand box you are using is a moving box, it is unlikely to have been through an edge crush test (ECT). New Haven Moving Co. boxes have a stamp on their side to prove they have passed this important test.

This gives you peace of mind that your boxes won't buckle when stacked.

Another reason to avoid second hand cardboard boxes is that you don't know its history. Has its structure been weakened by overuse, abuse or spillages? If you are looking to save money, our moving boxes are priced economically. For example, our lowest priced small storage boxes will cost you less than a dollar a unit.

Which storage boxes are used for what?


Our small household cartons are sometimes referred to as 'book boxes' because they are ideally suited to items which are relatively heavy but compact. However, small moving boxes are also perfectly suited for CDs, tools and small appliances.

We also recommend small cardboard boxes for fragile, breakable and valuable items such as antiques, collectables and silverware.


Our medium storage boxes are ideal for items which are bulky but not too heavy. Examples include clothes, shoes, children's toys, purses, lamp bases and electronic equipment.


Our large and medium storage boxes are suitable for your very bulky but lightweight items.Ā  You can empty your linen cupboard into these as they will handle towels, blankets and pillowcases. Large boxes are also perfect for large stuffed toys and comforters.


To cater for a wide range of use cases, New Haven Moving Co. stock variations in the above cardboard boxes. For example, our large household cartons come in long and tall variants. We also stock auto bottom and push down moving boxes; these help you to save on packing tape as well as speeding up the packing process


Wardrobe cartons offer a really convenient way of packing and transporting clothes. Items on hangers can be moved straight on to the inbuilt rail while shoes, socks, underwear and sports equipment can be packed into an additional section of the box.

Dishpaks make organizing your fine china and stemware much more manageable. Simply wrap each item in high quality New Haven Moving Equipment newsprint and/or bubble wrap beforehand.


New Haven Moving Equipment also supply a selection of specialized boxes for mirrors and artwork; bicycles and cribs; spare parts; sofas; flat screen TVs; wine and lamps. Visit our Specialty Cartons category for more information.

Why get your cardboard boxes from New Haven?

New Haven Moving Equipment brings together quality, affordability and customer service in one convenient package. All of our household cartons have been thoroughly strength tested as evidenced by the printed stamp. Little touches like printed arrows and label placement guides may seem minor but help to make your packing and moving experience smoother and faster.

Browse our extensive range of high quality all purpose household cartons, select the number of units you need and click the shopping cart icon to start adding items.

Everything you Need to Know About Corrugated Moving Containers +

Do you need to ship bulky items like tools, vehicle parts and machine components overseas or interstate? Or do you have to transport a valuable piece of sensitive equipment, like a cutting-edge medical device, securely and in compliance with export regulations?

New Haven Moving Equipment can supply heavy duty, export-approved corrugated moving containers to handle these kinds of tasks.

Light but robust, export-ready corrugated moving boxes

Export conditions can be harsh, placing extra demands on packaging. There are also export regulations regarding the specification of moving boxes and other storage containers.

New Haven corrugated moving containers are export-compliant and designed to withstand the additional rough treatment they can sometimes be exposed to. To securely contain heavy items such as machine parts and tools, or ultra-sensitive electronic equipment such as an X-ray machine, New Haven moving containers have a protective tri-wall structure and can manage loads of up to 1,300 pounds.

Measuring 45 inches by 39 inches, our Mini moving containers are sized for optimal storage within sea containers. They are self-contained and come with a telescopic cap. They can be set up, ready for export, in seconds, saving you time when arranging a shipment. Despite their strength, corrugated MiniLift moving containers are lighter than wood making them easier to handle. When you don't need them any more, our MiniLift moving containers can be folded down into a compact shape and stored for future use. They can also be stacked to save space.

Heat treated pallet included with every MiniLift moving container

Each of our strong and durable MiniLift moving containers comes with a kiln-dried and heat-treated wood pallet for easy transportation around a warehouse or factory floor. Heat treatment not only removes moisture and makes pallets easier to handle, it has been proven to kill off the larvae of woodworm, termites and other pests. This may not seem a big deal but medicines and food have had to be recalled due to contaminated pallets. Chemical treatments can leave an odor so heat treatment is now the most popular method for sterilizing pallets.

Besides, the European Union and over a dozen other countries have adopted the International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging (ISPM15). Heat treatment is mandatory under that specification so by purchasing a New Haven MiniLift moving container you can be sure that you won't hit any problems with customs authorities.

How to order your New Haven moving containers

Ordering your New Haven MiniLift moving containers couldn't be easier. All you need to do is select the number of items you need and enter this into the quantity box. Click the red cart icon and your moving boxes will be added to your shopping cart. Don't worry if you change your mind, you can easily adjust quantities or remove items at any time by clicking on the main shopping cart icon at the top of the page. Please note that our moving containers are classed as oversize items so they can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from a physical New Haven location.

Are you preparing for an office or warehouse move?

Are you shipping items as part of a larger office, warehouse or factory move? New Haven Moving Equipment is a one-stop-shop for all commercial and industrial moves. For example, we also supply heavy duty commercial bins and speed packs for moving and storing your general office furniture and other heavy items. We can also deliver file cartons and commercial totes for your documents, files and miscellaneous office items.

Be sure to browse the different product categories and pick up everything you need before checking out.

Choosing the Right Mattress Carton +

When moving home, especially if you're relocating to another state or internationally, you are going to need to provide extra protection for your family's mattresses. New Haven Moving Equipment supplies a full range of mattress cartons for your single/twin, full/double, queen, king and crib mattresses.

High quality corrugated moving boxes for your delicate mattresses

To ensure maximum protection for the spring mechanisms and fabric, your mattresses require just as much protection as any of your other fragile household items.

Our heavy duty, strength tested corrugated mattress cartons are perfect for this task.

If you still have the plastic wrapping your mattress was sold in, you should first place your mattress within this. Alternatively, or for an additional layer of protection, we also sell Pak'N'MoveĀ® mattress bags.

You can then slide your mattress carton over the top of your mattress before sealing it shut. The exception is with queen and king mattress cartons. You will need to order two pieces per mattress because these are essentially two parts of one big box.

Once you have lifted your queen or king size mattress into one box, you can then slide the second box over the top to provide a robust protective layer

Understanding mattress sizes

Mattresses of the same size are often given different names so it is not surprising that many people get confused when buying them (or the mattress cartons to store them in)

In reality, mattress sizing is pretty simple as there are only a limited number of types. New Haven stocks mattress cartons for the five most popular mattress sizes, as follows:


Crib mattresses are 27 inches wide and 52 inches long and are suitable for both babies and toddlers.


Single mattresses and twin mattresses are exactly the same thing. They are mattresses designed for one person, so the term single mattress is most logical. Referring to two single mattresses as twin mattresses can help to avoid confusion when placing big orders for hotels where twin rooms refer to rooms containing two single beds.

Single/twin mattresses measure 39 inches x 75 inches (96.5cm x 190.5cm)


Full and double mattresses are also one and the same thing. They are the same length as a single mattress but 15 inches wider to accommodate two people sharing.

Full/double mattresses measure 54 inches x 75 inches (134.5cm x 190.5cm)


Queen mattresses are both longer and wider than a standard double mattress. The dimensions are 60 inches x 80 inches (152.5cm x 203.5cm)


King mattresses are the same length as queen mattresses but 16 inches wider. The dimensions are 76 inches x 80 inches (193cm x 203.5cm).

How to order your New Haven mattress cartons

We have made it as quick and easy as possible to order your New Haven mattress cartons. Simply select or type in the quantity of pieces you need and then click the red cart button to add the cartons to your trolley. Just remember that queen and king beds require an order of two pieces each.

You are free to navigate to other parts of our online store and add other items to your order. You can click the cart at the top of the page at any time to see the status of your order, remove items, adjust quantities or proceed to checkout.

All New Haven mattress cartons are classed as oversize items so can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from a New Haven location.

Have you seen our Pak'N'MoveĀ® bedroom kits?

Once you have decided on the number and sizes of mattress cartons you need, consider picking up a convenient Pak'N'MoveĀ® Bedroom Kit. These contain a selection of different-sized moving boxes and specialty wardrobe boxes complete with hanging rails. You also get bubble wrap, packing tape, marker pens and a utility knife.

What is a Speed Pack Moving Box? +

If you are in charge of a big office or industrial move, you will need a packing and moving solution that can stand up to the task. Office equipment is usually designed to be robust but it isn't indestructible. New Haven Moving Equipment offer a selection of large, heavy duty and multi-purpose speed pack moving boxes and commercial bins.

What is a speed pack moving box?

A New Haven speed pack is designed to do exactly what the name suggests: enable your office move team to pack your equipment and furniture quickly and easily, ready to be loaded into the moving truck.

Speed pack moving boxes need to have specific qualities. They should be tough enough to contain heavy items such as office chairs and to be hauled around the office or warehouse.

Speed packs have to be narrow enough to fit through standard office and elevator doors and to fit comfortably on a moving dolly.

Our lead-in single-walled 'half pack' measures 38.5 x 19 x 30 inches. For heavier or more demanding loads, we supply two sizes of double-walled moving box. With an Edge Crush Test rating of 82 and a Mullen (burst) test rating of 600, these rugged boxes can handle up to 180 pounds of weight, suitable for most items of office equipment or furniture.

We can also provide two sizes of triple wall speed pack for loads of up to 260 and 280 pounds respectively.

Commercial bins with top flaps for extra security and privacy

Speed packs have an open-topped design whereas our commercial bins are heavy duty versions of standard corrugated moving boxes complete with top flaps. All New Haven commercial bins are double-walled and come with an ECT rating of 71 or Mullen rating of 500. Our commercial bins are available in two lengths, 42 or 48 inches, and they are ideal for commercial or industrial loads of up to 160 pounds.

Other New Haven products to consider for your commercial move

If you are preparing for a big office or industrial move, we highly recommend you invest in a dolly both for speed and to protect you and your staff as you work. New Haven stocks a range of 4 wheel dollies including a dedicated Office Move Dolly with various castor sizes and optional rubber strips for added protection and control.

Moving pads or blankets are also recommended for adding extra protection to your office items. We supply top quality moving pads in three different weights. Make sure you visit the moving pad section of our website before finalizing your order.

If you are ordering commercial bins, you should also make sure you have enough heavy duty packing tape to seal the lids ready for transport. New Haven provide a selection of branded 'hot melt' carton sealing tapes and dispensers.

The more prepared you and your moving team can be ahead of the big day, the easier your office or warehouse move will be and the more likely your furniture and equipment will survive the move undamaged.

How to order your New Haven commercial and industrial moving boxes

New Haven Moving Equipment has made it as easy as possible for you to place your speed pack and commercial bin order. Simply enter or select the number ofĀ  each item you want and then click the red 'cart' icon.

Please note that all of our speed packs and commercial bins are categorized as oversize stock. They can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from New Haven outlets. Some items are restricted to specific States so please read the product description before placing your order.

All About Wardrobe Cartons +

New Haven Moving Equipment supplies an extensive range of specialty boxes for those items which won't fit into standard all purpose cartons or need some extra protection due to their fragility.

Among our specialty cardboard boxes are a selection of high quality and affordable wardrobe cartons.

What is a wardrobe box used for?

Wardrobe cartons are moving boxes designed for saving time and effort when packing and transporting your clothes. Using a wardrobe box is the closest thing to bringing your closet with you.

Wardrobe cartons include a metal bar which is used as a clothes rail. When packing, simply move your clothes from the rail in your closet to the one in your wardrobe box. Shoes and non-hanging clothes such as underwear can be folded and stored in the same box for maximum use of space.

Some types of sporting equipment can also be safely transported in a New Haven wardrobe box.

Flexible options for all circumstances

New Haven Moving Equipment supplies wardrobe cartons in various shapes, sizes and price points.


Our standard wardrobe cartons come in three different widths. The widest moving boxes measure 24 inches across. If you don't need that much space, our 18 or 20 inch wardrobe cartons may be sufficient.

All of our standard wardrobe cartons include carrying holes on either side for easy transportation. Please note that all of our standard height wardrobe cartons are classed as oversize and can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from a New Haven depot.


Standard wardrobe cartons are ideal for keeping dresses, pants, suits, sport coats and other long garments wrinkle-free. You can also pack shoes and foldable clothes in the same box.

Our more compact 'shorty' wardrobe cartons are only 34 inches high and are a popular choice for shorter items of clothing such as children's clothes, shirts and blouses. This will help you to save space in the moving truck as well as saving money.


Our most economical clothes transport option are our lay flat wardrobe cartons. These are ideal for moving seasonal clothing such as winter jumpers and sweaters. Lay flat wardrobe cartons also function well as storage boxes since you can slip them beneath most beds until the clothes are needed.


For maximum flexibility we retail wardrobe cartons separate to the metal hanging rails. If you already have your own rails you can save money by ordering the boxes on their own. If you lose a rail, you can order a replacement without having to buy a complete wardrobe carton.

When placing your order, make sure you select the desired number of cartons and rails for your needs.

How many wardrobe boxes will you need?

A frequently asked question is: how many wardrobe boxes are needed for a house move? This clearly depends on the quantity of clothing you intend to transport so we recommend you measure the space your current clothes take up in your closet before placing your order.

To order your moving boxes and rails, simply select or enter the number of each item you need in the relevant box and then click the red shopping cart button to add the items to your cart. If you click the cart icon at the top of the page, you will see the items you have selected. You can then move on to other pages and add further items to complete your order.

Items can be added and removed or the quantities adjusted directly from the shopping cart.

Flat Screen TV Cartons +

New Haven Moving Equipment supplies high quality corrugated moving boxes for protecting a full range of household items when moving. One item which definitely will not fit inside a standard cardboard box is a flat screen TV.

Our range of flat screen TV boxes are designed to ensure almost every make and model of flat screen LED HTV, plasma and LCD TV are covered.

Is a flat screen TV carton really necessary?

We say yes!

For many homeowners, their flat screen TV is one of the most expensive and regularly used items they will move. Some will improvise when packing their TV, hoping that large quantities of padding and packing will make up for not having a dedicated TV box.

We recommend you always invest in a high quality TV box. Flat screen TVs contain highly sensitive internal components which need stabilizing during transport. In addition, a flat screen TV box will protect the vulnerable screens from piercing, dirt, dust and moisture.

Once you've invested in a flat screen TV box, you can also use it for future house moves or even to protect your television's sensitive electronics from dust and dirt during renovation.

To ensure your television is safe and secure, order your flat screen TV boxes from New Haven today.

Various designs for ultimate flexibility

All New Haven flat screen TV boxes are made from premium quality cardboard and tested for strength. Every TV box is marked with clear arrows and 'Handle With Care' labels.

We offer different styles of TV box to suit your preferences and boxes are available in several sizes. Make sure you look at the individual product descriptions before placing your order. Some flat screen TV boxes are only available in specific states and supersize packaging can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from a New Haven outlet.


New Haven one piece flat screen TV boxes are available to cater for TVs up to 64 or 72 inches, depending on the size you order.

Each TV box comes with foam protection and a pouch for your TV. These boxes can double up as picture boxes for moving paintings, framed photographs or other artwork.


We can also supply a thicker, two piece flat screen TV box. These offer added flexibility because you can separate both the base and the top into two pieces. With a generous 15 inch width, even TVs with bulky bases can usually be accommodated. This item also includes 16 pieces of protective foam to ensure your TV is protected from all sides, front and back.

Budget-friendly cartons for TVs, pictures and general electronics available

If you are looking for a high quality but no fuss specialty TV box, we have a range of cartons for various TV sizes and customer budgets. From small TVs with screens measuring less than 19 inches right up to huge TVs with over 46 inch screens, we have a moving box to match.

If you need to move a traditional shaped TV, computer monitor, microwave or similar sized electronic device, take a look at our double walled combo TV box. These offer superb protection for your electrical items at a great price.

Whatever type of TV carton is right for you, simply enter or select the relevant number of pieces you need and then click the red cart icon to add to your shopping cart. You can then continue to browse and add additional items from any category. Click the cart icon at the top of the page to view items, adjust quantities and proceed to checkout.

Speciality Cartons +

Not all household items will comfortably fit within standard all-purpose moving boxes but don't worry. New Haven Moving Equipment can supply a wide range of specialty cartons with novel features designed to make your packing and moving as simple as possible.

Whatever you need to move, New Haven has you covered

Some items such as lamp bases, sofas and bicycles have dimensions which exceed those of standard cardboard boxes. Others, such as wine bottles, mirrors and pictures are just too fragile to survive a long journey without special treatment.

Here is a list of the specialty cartons we currently supply:


Although we name these cardboard boxes 'lamp base cartons' they are also adequate for other tall and thin items such as sporting equipment, garden tools and certain toys.

When packing a lamp, you should first detach the shade and harp before removing the bulb. The shade can then be packed in a separate box and filled with premium grade New Haven wrapping paper. You should then wrap the harp and bulb before placing them within the shade and sealing the box.

The lamp base itself can then be wrapped in paper and/or moving pads, inserted into the lamp base box and cushioned with soft linens (pillows, throws, blankets, etc.)

Our lamp base cartons measure 12x12x40 inches and are great value for money.


Sofas and loveseats are both heavy and surprisingly fragile. Fortunately, New Haven Moving Equipment can supply moving boxes for these awkward items of furniture.

Our heavy duty sofa boxes boast a heavy duty, tri-wall structure and a roomy 100x40x40 inch interior. As they are classed as over-sized items, sofa boxes can only be shipped via common carrier or picked up from a New Haven depot.


Transporting wine and champagne can be a cause of anxiety, especially if you have an expensive collection. The design of our wine cartons will put your mind at ease. Bottles are placed in 2 piece molded foam inserts which sit within high quality cardboard boxes. We offer wine cartons with capacity for either 6 or 12 bottles.


Hold baggage cartons are ideal for non-UPS items such as bicycles and cribs. In some cases, you won't even have to dismantle your item, saving valuable packing time. Our hold baggage moving boxes measure 67x12.5x40 inches.

When transporting bikes and other scratchable items, we recommend using ample high quality New Haven bubble wrap for maximum protection.

In addition to the specialty boxes detailed above, we can provide 12x12x8 stock cartons for storing and transporting small parts.

We also sell wardrobe boxes, dish paks and boxes for your mirrors and flat screen TVs

If you are interested in ordering extra large moving boxes or dish paks, you will find these items within our all purpose household cartons category.

We also have separate category listings for flat screen TV cartons, wardrobe boxes and telescopic mirror boxes (which are also perfect for paintings or framed photographs).

Rely on New Haven for all your packing and moving needs

New Haven has everything you need to speed up and simplify your next home move. Use our streamlined ordering process to simply select or type in the number of each item you need and click the red shopping cart. This will automatically calculate your total price and add the items to your cart. Remember to include any extra packing supplies you need (tape, bubble wrap, newsprint, etc.) before checking out.


How to Make Office Moves Easier

Moving an Office +

For all of your office transport and archive needs, New Haven Moving Equipment supply several types of commercial totes and file cartons. Whether you are planning a big office move and need to keep everything together or simply need to stock up on storage boxes for secure and efficient archiving, we will have just what you need.

What is a tote?

The word 'tote' has been used to describe a wide range of very different types of container. It is broadly defined as a 'material handling container,' particularly of heavy or awkward items.

The commercial totes supplied by New Haven Moving Equipment refer to storage boxes for office records and miscellaneous office supplies. They are an ideal all-purpose carton for keeping all of those office odds and ends together.

Flexible legal tote and file carton options available for New Haven Customers

Our commercial totes and file cartons include both one piece boxes and those which come with a bottom and a lid. While one piece boxes, such as our legal tote cartons, can be folded up without the need for any tape, lidded file cartons offer a sturdy, economical alternative. They are quick to assemble and give you easy access for when you need to get to your documents quickly.

We supply the bottoms and lids of these file cartons separately for extra flexibility. This can be useful if, for example, you have plenty of open file cartons already and just need to order a batch of lids to keep your important documents free from dust and prying eyes.

We also offer choice in terms of design, size and color. Our file cartons come in both letter and legal size variants and you can opt for a standard 'kraft' or plain white color. You can also choose between an interlocking, quick assembly design or a stapled carton with auto bottom. Click on the individual products for more detailed information.

Our file cartons are designed to make your office move and storage as simple and hassle-free as possible. Cartons are supplied with convenient handholds to minimize the risk of dropping boxes and spilling paperwork all over the office or warehouse floor. This is easily done and the last thing you want to do after a move is to spend hours re-organizing paperwork!

Do you have everything you need for your upcoming office move?

Planning an office move is a big task and organizing your documents and files is just one aspect. New Haven Moving Equipment have everything you could possibly need to make your office move go smoothly so, while you're here, be sure to stock up on anything you need.

For example, we offer rugged speed packs and commercial bins to speed up the transport of bulky office items and robust four-wheel dollies to move them with. We also supply heavy duty packing tape, a range of moving pads for extra protection and specialty electronics boxes for your monitors and printers.

How to order your New Haven commercial totes and file cartons

We have made it as simple and quick as possible for you to order your supply of office file cartons and commercial totes. Each individual item on our product page includes a box for entering or selecting the quantity you need. When you've done this, click the red cart button to add those items to your order. Repeat with any other items, either from this category or any other product category. You can click the cart icon at the top of the page to keep tabs on your order, adjust quantities, remove items or proceed to the checkout.

What Are E-CratesĀ®? +

Never lift a full box again. E-CratesĀ®can be easily stacked four high when packing and movingā€” and then effortlessly rolled around small spaces, tight cubicles and corners.

The ease with which you can pack, stack and roll E-CratesĀ® allows you to save time and avoid higher labor costs. E-CratesĀ® meet HIPAA guidelines so you can be assured that you can legally move and store your most valuable & sensitive documents with utmost security. E-Crates'Ā® tapered body allows you to nest up to 20 open crates quickly and neatly with minimum space required Custom colors and imprints available with a minimum purchase. E-CratesĀ® are environmentally friendly and allow you to avoid cardboard waste. E-CratesĀ® are ruggedly durable and can easily withstand multiple, rigorous uses.

The unique ergonomic handle makes carrying comfortable, while the custom-molded anti-skid lid and traction bottom surface help to prevent slippage. The attached, interlocking lid and tight fit ensures you will never lose your valuable contents. Featuring a tapered body allows you to nest up to 20 open crates quickly and neatly with minimum space required.

Made from 10 lbs of high density polypropylene with reinforced corners and sidewalls, the spacious interior offers optional support bars that adapt to letter and legal sizes provide maximum packing efficiency.

Looking to Move? Bundle and Save!

Pak N Move Kits +

Pak-N-MoveĀ® is New Haven Moving Equipment's range of premium quality moving kits and associated moving supplies. Make your life easier by ordering your Pak-N-MoveĀ® kits ahead of the big move.

Save even more time withĀ Pak-N-MoveĀ®

One of the most common questions that home movers ask is, 'how many shipping boxes do we need for our home?' The same goes for packing tape, bubble wrap and other moving supplies.

Pak-N-MoveĀ® eliminates the need for this question by bringing together all the supplies you would normally need for a room in one convenient kit.

Browse our range of handy Pak-N-MoveĀ® kits

To make things as simple as possible, we have created standard one room and two room Pak-N-MoveĀ® kits. We have also put together specialist Pak-N-MoveĀ® kits for bedrooms and kitchens (one of the few providers of moving supplies to offer this option).


If you only have a small one-bedroom apartment, a single one room Pak-N-MoveĀ® kit may be all you need to complete your packing. Inside you will find:

  • 15 small shipping boxes
  • 10 medium boxes
  • 3 rolls of easy-tear bubble wrap for protecting fragile items
  • 1 tape dispenser
  • 3 rolls of 55 yard packing tape
  • 1 twin pack of markers
  • 1 utility knife


For homes with two rooms or more, we have created a two room Pak-N-MoveĀ® kit comprising:

  • 15 small shipping boxes
  • 10 medium boxes
  • 5 large boxes
  • 3 rolls of easy-tear bubble wrap
  • 1 tape dispenser
  • 3 rolls of 55 yard packing tape
  • 1 twin pack of markers
  • 1 utility knife


It is difficult to come across dedicated kitchen moving kits but we have created one. Your Pak-N-MoveĀ® kit will contain:

  • 5 small shipping boxes
  • 3 medium boxes
  • 2 large boxes
  • 2 dish barrel boxes
  • 2 cell kits
  • 10 pounds of wrapping paper
  • 3 rolls of easy-tear bubble wrap
  • 1 tape dispenser
  • 3 rolls of 55 yard packing tape
  • 1 twin pack of markers
  • 1 utility knife


Our dedicated Pak-N-MoveĀ® bedroom kit contains:

  • 2 small shipping boxes
  • 5 medium boxes
  • 3 specialist wardrobe boxes with integrated clothes rail
  • 3 rolls of easy-tear bubble wrap
  • 1 tape dispenser
  • 3 rolls of 55 yard packing tape
  • 1 twin pack of markers
  • 1 utility knife


We have provided a generous number of shipping boxes in each of our Pak-N-MoveĀ® moving kits but we understand you may need extra boxes if your home is particularly large or you have a lot of possessions.

If you need to add extra boxes to your order, simply select these at the same time as you are choosing your moving kits. We also offer a range of extra supplies including sofa and chair covers, mattress covers and load kits (which include ropes, gloves, a padlock and a utility knife).

How New Haven Pak-N-MoveĀ® Kits Provide Extra Value?

Our number one aim is to make your packing and moving experience as efficient and stress-free as possible. We have put a lot of work into designing Pak-N-MoveĀ® to meet these aims.

A Few Extra Things to Know

Let's Talk Floor Protection +

Floor protection has to be one of the first considerations movers make when planning a domestic, commercial or industrial move. Naturally, you will want to protect your customer's floors from damage but using a high quality temporary floor covering will also protect you from claims. After all, claims against professional movers for floor damage are among the most common post-move legal claims.

New Haven can provide professional grade floor protection for most types of surfaces (carpet, wood, vinyl, ceramic, etc.) Since every moving project is different, there is no 'one size fits all' floor covering solution. However, we are confident you will find what you are looking for within our comprehensive floor protection product range.

Professional grade scuff shields for heavy appliances

Moving heavy appliances without damaging the flooring underneath can be tough, even for the experienced mover. Fortunately, heavy duty, professional grade New HavenĀ plastic scuff shieldsĀ can solve the problem, protecting sensitive hardwood, tiled and vinyl surfaces from scratching, scuffing, indentations and roller marks.

The generous hand-holds built into this sensitively designed product makes positioning your scuff shield and moving appliances much easier. Multiple scuff shields can be combined easily for more flexibility and control during a move or when preparing for decoration or renovation.

Cushion and protect a range of surfaces with neoprene floor runners

Neoprene floor runners are among the greatest floor protection enhancements of the last generation. These have a tough, water-resistant backing while providing a soft and durable temporary surface for covering hard surfaces (hardwood, ceramic, etc.)

Often favored by the careful professional mover, New Haven premium quality neoprene floor runners are available in either blue or red. Depending on your requirements, you can either purchase neoprene floor protection in 15 or 20 foot rolls or buy it in bulk by the foot. Please choose the appropriate option when ordering.

Easy application poly floor covering for reliable carpet protection

To provide a surface you can work on safely while protecting your customers' carpets, New Haven poly floor covering won't let you down. We can supply carpet shields in 50 or 200 foot lengths. In either case, our poly sheeting options are quick and easy to apply due to the water or acrylic based adhesive on the underside of the sheet. Whether you are working on a domestic, commercial or industrial project, New Haven poly floor covering will reinforce your professional image, proving that you respect your customers' property.

Ram Board: hardboard in a roll

Described as 'hardboard in a roll,' Ram Board is an essential addition to the professional movers floor protection toolkit. Despite being conveniently packaged in a roll, Ram Board will lay flat when rolled out. This 100% recycled and recyclable product is particularly useful for moving heavy items such as hand trucks over hard floors and can even support the weight of a small forklift truck!

Get your furniture skates on

New Haven furniture skates are 5 inch diameter, curved furniture leg pads which are used for gliding heavy furniture and workstations over carpet and most other surfaces. Constructed from high density plastic with neoprene foam inserts, these strong and durable moving aids are a must-have, especially for office moves.

How to order your New Haven floor protection products

Stocking up on professional quality floor protection products is a pain-free process with New Haven Moving Equipment. Simply select or type in the quantity of each type of product you need and then click the red cart button to add the items to your order. We aim to despatch items on the day of order or the very next working day where possible.


Understanding Dollies and What Type You Need +

If you are looking for a 2 or 4 wheel moving dolly to assist you with a domestic, commercial or industrial moving project, New Haven have a generous range of options. Whether you need a simple metal hand cart for general carrying assistance or a rugged six-wheel dolly for moving items over rough ground, we can meet your requirements.

Quality is at the heart of all we do and the construction of our dollies is testimony to that priority.a

Extensive range of 4 wheel dollies to secure and stabilize your load

Quality craftsmanship has gone into every one of our New Haven 4 wheel dollies. One thing to always bear in mind when choosing a 4 wheel dolly is that the size of the castors affects the amount of weight that dolly can safely handle. In general, castors at the lower end of the size scale (3-3.5 inches diameter) can carry loads of 700-800 pounds while the larger castors (4-5 inches) can cope with 1,000-1,100 pounds of weight.

We are especially proud of the Slip-PrufĀ® Deluxe Dolly. This robust tool has side rails of kiln-dried hardwood, rounded corners beneath rubber bumpers for extra air cushioning

We can also supplyĀ Chicago Style Deluxe DolliesĀ which we have designed with inset casters for easy stacking, particularly valuable in corporate moves.

New Haven Furniture DolliesĀ include a double carpeted design, providing extra cushioning at both head rails. As the name suggests, this type of dolly is perfect for moving heavy pieces of furniture with appropriate care.

Our stackable Office Move Dollies are more suitable for robust but bulky office furniture such as desks and filing cabinets. They also contain a carpeted head rail with optional rubbers trips for additional protection and control.

Other options to consider are ourĀ Dual Rail 'H' Dollies, with its conveyor rubber tread belting, and our extra rugged six-wheeled All Terrain Dolly. With its 10 inch pneumatic tires, this latter dolly picks up where the pavement ends and is therefore ideal for external use.

All of our dollies are built to last but if you do need replacement rubber caps or castors, we can supply these. We can also help you to adapt your dollies by providing wooden Dolly Risers, for extra height or a pair of Dolly Converters which will turn your dolly into a temporary panel cart.

Heavy duty 2 wheel dollies for every moving and storing project

Whether youĀ need a simple hand truck for general utility purposes or a specialist dolly designed for a specific purpose, we stock several types ofĀ 2 wheel dolly.

For example, we can supply carton dollies (including stair glides, frame extensions, foam wheels and other accessories) for moving corrugated boxes safely and swiftly. We can also provide specialist appliance, machinery and vending dollies, each with unique adaptations for their specific purposes.

In addition to manufacturing our own high quality dollies, we also distribute third party dollies from top brands such as B&P, Dutro, Escalero, Stevens and Yeats. For example, you can order a state-of-the-art Escalero motorized stair hand truck for handling those awkward steps. Power packs, extra size wheels and big toe plates are also available to customize your motorized hand truck.

How to order your 4 wheel and 2 wheel New Haven dollies

When you have decided on the dollies and/or accessories you need, simply enter the quantity of each item required in the appropriate box. To add the items to your order, click the red shopping cart icon.

We always aim to despatch moving equipment orders either on the same day as we receive the order or on the very next working days.

Looking to Learn More?

New Haven Moving Equipment wants to ensure you experience a seamless move by providing the best equipment in the industry, but also provide you with a wealth of knowledge to support you in your move. Checkout our "how to" videos as well as Tips for packing, the right equipment for the job and the premium products New Haven Moving Equipment offers.

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