Collection: Packaging

Professional movers know that the quality of one’s packaging, and the need for packaging options that best meet the specific needs of the goods being moved,  play an important role in the safety of a move.  New Haven’s comprehensive selection of high quality packaging supplies— from our tape, stretch wrap and and newsprint, to our mattress and furniture bags; will enable you to package, secure, store and transport your goods and shipments with absolute confidence.

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Professional Movers know that the quality of one’s Packaging Materials can make a crucial difference in the success of your move.

Reliable, quality, packaging is an indispensable aspect of your every move. Tape that you can count on to seal boxes without failure, Bubble Pack that will cushion your valuables with consistency, and Newsprint that is properly and reliably sized and pliable so that you can effectively pack and protect your valuables makes a world of difference – no matter where in the world your shipment is being delivered.

New Haven sells only well-made, consistently dependable packaging materials, and we make it available to you at economical pricing. Our Newsprint stands out in the industry as optimally protective and reliable in the size and integrity of each piece.  Our carton and masking tape can be counted on for strength, resilience and ability to securely adhere and stick to surfaces.  We also offer specialty packaging materials for computers, including anti-static keyboard covers and padding for computer monitors.  From such specialty packaging items as our Pak’N’Move Mattress Bags to our paper pads with special inner-ply layers to our professional tape dispensers and Kraft Paper, you can count on New Haven to ensure that your packaging will be secure, and that you will be able to package, secure, store and transport your shipments with confidence.