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A sometimes overlooked but very important part of a move is the protection of your mattress.

As professional movers know, mattresses are subject to dirt, dust, staining, and other problems during a move if a mattress is left unprotected. New Haven’s easy-to-use Mattress Cartons, especially when coupled with a New Haven Pak’N’Move Mattress Bag, strongly protects against such long-term problems. 


When moving home, especially if you're relocating to another state or internationally, you are going to need to provide extra protection for your family's mattresses. New Haven Moving Equipment supplies a full range of mattress cartons for your single/twin, full/double, queen, king and crib mattresses.

High quality corrugated moving boxes for your delicate mattresses

To ensure maximum protection for the spring mechanisms and fabric, your mattresses require just as much protection as any of your other fragile household items.

Our heavy duty, strength tested corrugated mattress cartons are perfect for this task.

If you still have the plastic wrapping your mattress was sold in, you should first place your mattress within this. Alternatively, or for an additional layer of protection, we also sell Pak'N'Move® mattress bags.

You can then slide your mattress carton over the top of your mattress before sealing it shut. The exception is with queen and king mattress cartons. You will need to order two pieces per mattress because these are essentially two parts of one big box.

Once you have lifted your queen or king size mattress into one box, you can then slide the second box over the top to provide a robust protective layer

Understanding mattress sizes

Mattresses of the same size are often given different names so it is not surprising that many people get confused when buying them (or the mattress cartons to store them in)

In reality, mattress sizing is pretty simple as there are only a limited number of types. New Haven stocks mattress cartons for the five most popular mattress sizes, as follows:

Crib mattresses

Crib mattresses are 27 inches wide and 52 inches long and are suitable for both babies and toddlers.

Single/Twin mattresses

Single mattresses and twin mattresses are exactly the same thing. They are mattresses designed for one person, so the term single mattress is most logical. Referring to two single mattresses as twin mattresses can help to avoid confusion when placing big orders for hotels where twin rooms refer to rooms containing two single beds.

Single/twin mattresses measure 39 inches x 75 inches (96.5cm x 190.5cm)

Full/Double mattresses

Full and double mattresses are also one and the same thing. They are the same length as a single mattress but 15 inches wider to accommodate two people sharing.

Full/double mattresses measure 54 inches x 75 inches (134.5cm x 190.5cm)

Queen mattresses

Queen mattresses are both longer and wider than a standard double mattress. The dimensions are 60 inches x 80 inches (152.5cm x 203.5cm)

King mattresses

King mattresses are the same length as queen mattresses but 16 inches wider. The dimensions are 76 inches x 80 inches (193cm x 203.5cm).

How to order your New Haven mattress cartons

We have made it as quick and easy as possible to order your New Haven mattress cartons. Simply select or type in the quantity of pieces you need and then click the red cart button to add the cartons to your trolley. Just remember that queen and king beds require an order of two pieces each.

You are free to navigate to other parts of our online store and add other items to your order. You can click the cart at the top of the page at any time to see the status of your order, remove items, adjust quantities or proceed to checkout.

All New Haven mattress cartons are classed as oversize items so can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from a New Haven location.

Have you seen our Pak'N'Move® bedroom kits?

Once you have decided on the number and sizes of mattress cartons you need, consider picking up a convenient Pak'N'Move® Bedroom Kit. These contain a selection of different-sized moving boxes and specialty wardrobe boxes complete with hanging rails. You also get bubble wrap, packing tape, marker pens and a utility knife.