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Nobody knows moving equipment like New Haven, which is why we are proud to be the most trusted name in the industry for highest quality, reliable, well-engineered and state-of-the-art moving equipment.  Our quality comes from working with movers for over a century, and designing equipment—from our dollies, machine carts and 2-wheel dollies, to our panel carts piano moving equipment and carry & lifting systems, that provide professionals with the strength, long-term durability, and ease-of-use vitally important in residential and commercial moves.

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New Haven Moving Equipment

Celebrating 105 Years of Dependability, Innovative Designs

and Engineering Excellence

As professional movers know, the quality of your moving equipment - from its design and engineering to the quality of its components - plays a crucial role in the success and safety of your move.

Whether you are Rolling, Stacking, Lifting, Separating, ID'ing, Tiering, or Protecting: Moving Equipment made and distributed by New Haven is the highest quality and most durable and consistently dependable on the market today.

At New Haven, we are proud that our engineering is both State-of-the-Art and stands the test of time.  As an example, our Slip Pruf Dolly – invented over 75 years ago by our founder David H Levine— is still in use today in Moving Vans, Hi-rise office buildings, and Commercial warehouses.  Our Two Wheel Dollies will help you move products from small cartons to awkward vending machines safely, and without mishap.

New Haven’s Office Machine carts and Library Carts offer reinforced, full shelves and eased edges, maneuver well thru tight spaces, are forklift stackable when not in use, and are manufactured with quality plywood, a reinforced pine frame, and deluxe, non-marring casters.  Our Office Machine Cart provides 32.28 linear feet, making this an optimal size for moving all types of office equipment safely and easily.  New Haven’s Library Cart provides 32 linear feet, 25% more than our competition’s, and are the standard Cart for Public Libraries as well as the optimal choice for moving medical records and legal documents.

When it comes to protecting your clients’ floors during Commercial and Residential Moves, New Haven recognizes the importance of high quality floor protection and has you covered.  Our Scuff Shields, Neoprene systems, Ram Board, and Carpet Shield are simply the best in the industry and can protect your clients’ floors and valuable furnishings as well as you from Claims.

For Commercial moving, New Haven’s NH3860, NH235, and NH245 series Commercial Office Move Carts are unequaled for long lasting performance and at an unequaled price. With a large capacity of 1,200 lbs, our Commercial Move Carts come with removable handles, a strong metal base, optional carpeted tops, and a variety of heights to accommodate your needs—including our NH245 SPXT at 55” in height. All New Haven’s Machine Carts are sold with only deluxe, non-marring 5” or6” casters and are custom fabricated for you.

New Haven’s pressure sensitive Labels are the right system to use for ID’ing the clients furnishings, cartons, and New Haven’s patented E-Crates for repositioning at the delivering address.

Fiberglass OSHA approved Ladders, Master Locks, Safety and Warehouse Equipment are also available at any of our fifteen (15) warehouses.

Most important, however, are our people. New Haven is a family owned company that has been serving a variety of industries, including the Moving & Transportation, Entertainment, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Marine, Hospitality and Military Industries, for over 105 years, and we value our customers and our customers’ successes. We therefore ensure that our customer service teams are industry veterans, moving experts, and committed customer service representatives who can provide you with the best possible service and offer the greatest, most expert assistance. We have assisted a wide variety of clients ranging from Movers to customers representing Universities, Libraries, Museums, Hospitals, Airports, Governments, Cruise Ships & Hotels, Governments, and corporations worldwide. We’re here to help you chose what is just right for your needs and to stay with you through the entire process.

Visit one of our fifteen (15) fully stocked locations nationwide or call us at (855) 557-7237 and experience the difference at New Haven.