Why Use Newsprint?

Invented in 1844, newsprint paper is an economical paper designed to run through printing presses as a 'web' rather than individual sheets. It is also useful as a packaging material and is used both to wrap and to cushion delicate items prior to packing.

New Haven supplies a premium quality newsprint stock which can be quickly delivered to your door in the quantities you need. As with all products supplied by New Haven Moving Equipment, you can be assured that our newsprint paper has been produced and selected with the professional mover in mind. Many of our sales people and managers have worked in the industries they serve and understand first hand the priorities of our customers.


Newsprint packing paper takes its name from its usage in the newspaper printing industry; it is also used in the advertising industry for economical print promotions. Anyone who has ever handled a newspaper or local advertising pages will recognize the distinctive look and feel of the stock.

Newsprint paper is usually supplied in a plain, off-white color and does not contain any ink. It is often bought in bulk as an economical source of paper for sketching and painting as well as for wrapping and packaging purposes.


People have reused old newspapers as extra packaging for decades. It is light but also strong. It can be used to fill up spaces in moving cartons and it is economical. The one major disadvantage to using newspapers as a wrapping paper is the presence of ink. This can cause permanent staining to the items wrapped.

Since New Haven newsprint paper is unprinted, it is perfectly acceptable – and recommended – to use it to wrap your fragile items such as dishes, glasses, bowls, plates and collectables. By wrapping valuables in newsprint paper before wrapping them with bubble roll, you add an extra layer of protection.

Newsprint packing paper can also be used to help cushion items within moving cartons. If you gently shake a moving box, the contents should not move or make a sound. If they do, this can often be resolved by crumpling newsprint paper and stuffing this in the empty spaces.

Newsprint packaging paper is also kind to the environment. Since its structure is mostly wood pulp, it biodegrades quickly. It is also universally accepted for recycling which makes waste disposal easier and less expensive. It can even be reused in schools or households for art projects.


There are two ways to purchase newsprint paper from New Haven: by the box or in bundles by weight. We can supply bundles of 25 or 30 pounds in weight, charged by the pound. Alternatively, you can order one or more 10 pound cartons of newsprint paper.

Once you have decided on how much newsprint paper you need, enter the appropriate quantity next to your chosen product and click the red cart icon. Please note that some products are supplied by the box and others by the pound so take care when placing your order. You can view and adjust your order at any time by clicking the cart icon at the top of the page.

In most cases, we can dispatch your order of newsprint paper either the same day or the next working day. If you decide to visit our New Haven outlets, our sales people will welcome you and ensure you receive the high quality service you expect. Please note that availability varies by state. Please check the product description before visiting or placing an online order.