What is a Speed Pack Moving Box?

If you are in charge of a big office or industrial move, you will need a packing and moving solution that can stand up to the task. Office equipment is usually designed to be robust but it isn't indestructible. New Haven Moving Equipment offer a selection of large, heavy duty and multi-purpose speed pack moving boxes and commercial bins.

What is a speed pack moving box?

A New Haven speed pack is designed to do exactly what the name suggests: enable your office move team to pack your equipment and furniture quickly and easily, ready to be loaded into the moving truck.

Speed pack moving boxes need to have specific qualities. They should be tough enough to contain heavy items such as office chairs and to be hauled around the office or warehouse.

Speed packs have to be narrow enough to fit through standard office and elevator doors and to fit comfortably on a moving dolly.

Our lead-in single-walled 'half pack' measures 38.5 x 19 x 30 inches. For heavier or more demanding loads, we supply two sizes of double-walled moving box. With an Edge Crush Test rating of 82 and a Mullen (burst) test rating of 600, these rugged boxes can handle up to 180 pounds of weight, suitable for most items of office equipment or furniture.

We can also provide two sizes of triple wall speed pack for loads of up to 260 and 280 pounds respectively.

Commercial bins with top flaps for extra security and privacy

Speed packs have an open-topped design whereas our commercial bins are heavy duty versions of standard corrugated moving boxes complete with top flaps. All New Haven commercial bins are double-walled and come with an ECT rating of 71 or Mullen rating of 500. Our commercial bins are available in two lengths, 42 or 48 inches, and they are ideal for commercial or industrial loads of up to 160 pounds.

Other New Haven products to consider for your commercial move

If you are preparing for a big office or industrial move, we highly recommend you invest in a dolly both for speed and to protect you and your staff as you work. New Haven stocks a range of 4 wheel dollies including a dedicated Office Move Dolly with various castor sizes and optional rubber strips for added protection and control.

Moving pads or blankets are also recommended for adding extra protection to your office items. We supply top quality moving pads in three different weights. Make sure you visit the moving pad section of our website before finalizing your order.

If you are ordering commercial bins, you should also make sure you have enough heavy duty packing tape to seal the lids ready for transport. New Haven provide a selection of branded 'hot melt' carton sealing tapes and dispensers.

The more prepared you and your moving team can be ahead of the big day, the easier your office or warehouse move will be and the more likely your furniture and equipment will survive the move undamaged.

How to order your New Haven commercial and industrial moving boxes

New Haven Moving Equipment has made it as easy as possible for you to place your speed pack and commercial bin order. Simply enter or select the number ofย  each item you want and then click the red 'cart' icon.

Please note that all of our speed packs and commercial bins are categorized as oversize stock. They can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from New Haven outlets. Some items are restricted to specific States so please read the product description before placing your order.