Speciality Cartons

Not all household items will comfortably fit within standard all-purpose moving boxes but don't worry. New Haven Moving Equipment can supply a wide range of specialty cartons with novel features designed to make your packing and moving as simple as possible.

Whatever you need to move, New Haven has you covered

Some items such as lamp bases, sofas and bicycles have dimensions which exceed those of standard cardboard boxes. Others, such as wine bottles, mirrors and pictures are just too fragile to survive a long journey without special treatment.

Here is a list of the specialty cartons we currently supply:


Although we name these cardboard boxes 'lamp base cartons' they are also adequate for other tall and thin items such as sporting equipment, garden tools and certain toys.

When packing a lamp, you should first detach the shade and harp before removing the bulb. The shade can then be packed in a separate box and filled with premium grade New Haven wrapping paper. You should then wrap the harp and bulb before placing them within the shade and sealing the box.

The lamp base itself can then be wrapped in paper and/or moving pads, inserted into the lamp base box and cushioned with soft linens (pillows, throws, blankets, etc.)

Our lamp base cartons measure 12x12x40 inches and are great value for money.


Sofas and loveseats are both heavy and surprisingly fragile. Fortunately, New Haven Moving Equipment can supply moving boxes for these awkward items of furniture.

Our heavy duty sofa boxes boast a heavy duty, tri-wall structure and a roomy 100x40x40 inch interior. As they are classed as over-sized items, sofa boxes can only be shipped via common carrier or picked up from a New Haven depot.


Transporting wine and champagne can be a cause of anxiety, especially if you have an expensive collection. The design of our wine cartons will put your mind at ease. Bottles are placed in 2 piece molded foam inserts which sit within high quality cardboard boxes. We offer wine cartons with capacity for either 6 or 12 bottles.


Hold baggage cartons are ideal for non-UPS items such as bicycles and cribs. In some cases, you won't even have to dismantle your item, saving valuable packing time. Our hold baggage moving boxes measure 67x12.5x40 inches.

When transporting bikes and other scratchable items, we recommend using ample high quality New Haven bubble roll for maximum protection.

In addition to the specialty boxes detailed above, we can provide 12x12x8 stock cartons for storing and transporting small parts.

We also sell wardrobe boxes, dish paks and boxes for your mirrors and flat screen TVs

If you are interested in ordering extra large moving boxes or dish paks, you will find these items within our all purpose household cartons category.

We also have separate category listings for flat screen TV cartons, wardrobe boxes and telescopic mirror boxes (which are also perfect for paintings or framed photographs).

Rely on New Haven for all your packing and moving needs

New Haven has everything you need to speed up and simplify your next home move. Use our streamlined ordering process to simply select or type in the number of each item you need and click the red shopping cart. This will automatically calculate your total price and add the items to your cart. Remember to include any extra packing supplies you need (tape, bubble roll, newsprint, etc.) before checking out.