Selecting the Right Packing Tape

The humble roll of packing tape can easily slip under the radar when placing an order for moving supplies. However, running out of tape or not having the right type of tape dispenser can really slow down a move.

The answer is to get your carton seal tape and dispensers sorted out well ahead of time and to make sure you have sufficient quantities of each.

What type of carton seal tape do you need?

When you first browse our tape and dispenser selection you might feel overwhelmed with the choice. However, there are just three main questions you need to answer.


New Haven can supply carton seal tape in two different sizes: 2 inches by 55 yards and 2 inches by 110 yards. As a rule of thumb, one large roll of packing tape can secure one to two rooms' worth of moving cartons.

Looking at it another way, one yard is equal to 36 inches. If you were to use two strips of tape along the top and bottom of a medium carton (18 inch length), you would need 72 inches (2 yards) of tape per box. In that case, one roll of 110 yard tape could seal 55 boxes.


New Haven can also supply cases of 36 rolls of packing tape. If you are preparing for a large house move, a commercial or industrial move or just prefer to save money by buying in bulk, ordering one or more cases may be the best option.


New Haven supplies both tan/brown and clear versions of packing tape. Which one you order is a matter of preference; there is no practical difference between the two.

Once you have decided on a color, the number of rolls and the length of the tape you need, you can easily locate the items you need on our product page.

Hand-held tape dispensers for efficient and effective tape application

You will also want to ensure you have reliable tape dispensers on hand. When packing and sealing moving cartons, the standard desk-based tape dispensers are not ideal. Most people find the pistol grip design a much faster alternative.

New Haven can supply deluxe, pistol grip tape dispensers compatible with both our 55 yard and 110 yard lengths of seal tape.

How many tape dispensers do you need? Ordering multiple tape dispensers may seem excessive but it is worth considering for a couple of reasons. First, you can speed up your packing and loading by giving additional tape dispensers to other members of your family (or work colleagues). Second, it is always a good idea to have at least one spare tape dispenser. It is easy to misplace one in the excitement of a move and knowing where there is a spare can save you wasting time trying to remember where you last used your dispenser.

Will you be decorating or renovating a property?

If you are decorating a new home or office or renovating your existing property, New Haven can provide you with a high quality painters' tape. This is designed to help create sharp lines by providing an effective barrier to paint. It is designed to easily peel off a surface without leaving residue and is available in single rolls or 24 roll packs.

How to order your New Haven tape and dispensers

To order your New Haven tape and dispensers, simply select the quantities you need and click the red cart icon. Clicking the product name will take you to a more detailed product description.