Moving an Office

For all of your office transport and archive needs, New Haven Moving Equipment supply several types of commercial totes and file cartons. Whether you are planning a big office move and need to keep everything together or simply need to stock up on storage boxes for secure and efficient archiving, we will have just what you need.

What is a tote?

The word 'tote' has been used to describe a wide range of very different types of container. It is broadly defined as a 'material handling container,' particularly of heavy or awkward items.

The commercial totes supplied by New Haven Moving Equipment refer to storage boxes for office records and miscellaneous office supplies. They are an ideal all-purpose carton for keeping all of those office odds and ends together.

Flexible legal tote and file carton options available for New Haven Customers

Our commercial totes and file cartons include both one piece boxes and those which come with a bottom and a lid. While one piece boxes, such as our legal tote cartons, can be folded up without the need for any tape, lidded file cartons offer a sturdy, economical alternative. They are quick to assemble and give you easy access for when you need to get to your documents quickly.

We supply the bottoms and lids of these file cartons separately for extra flexibility. This can be useful if, for example, you have plenty of open file cartons already and just need to order a batch of lids to keep your important documents free from dust and prying eyes.

We also offer choice in terms of design, size and color. Our file cartons come in both letter and legal size variants and you can opt for a standard 'kraft' or plain white color. You can also choose between an interlocking, quick assembly design or a stapled carton with auto bottom. Click on the individual products for more detailed information.

Our file cartons are designed to make your office move and storage as simple and hassle-free as possible. Cartons are supplied with convenient handholds to minimize the risk of dropping boxes and spilling paperwork all over the office or warehouse floor. This is easily done and the last thing you want to do after a move is to spend hours re-organizing paperwork!

Do you have everything you need for your upcoming office move?

Planning an office move is a big task and organizing your documents and files is just one aspect. New Haven Moving Equipment have everything you could possibly need to make your office move go smoothly so, while you're here, be sure to stock up on anything you need.

For example, we offer rugged speed packs and commercial bins to speed up the transport of bulky office items and robust four-wheel dollies to move them with. We also supply heavy duty packing tape, a range of moving pads for extra protection and specialty electronics boxes for your monitors and printers.

How to order your New Haven commercial totes and file cartons

We have made it as simple and quick as possible for you to order your supply of office file cartons and commercial totes. Each individual item on our product page includes a box for entering or selecting the quantity you need. When you've done this, click the red cart button to add those items to your order. Repeat with any other items, either from this category or any other product category. You can click the cart icon at the top of the page to keep tabs on your order, adjust quantities, remove items or proceed to the checkout.