Mirror Cartons

Mirror cartons are just one example from our extensive range of high quality specialty moving boxes. Mirrors and glass frames can be smashed during transport if too much movement is allowed within a standard cardboard moving box. Don't take the risk with your mirrors and sentimental photographs. You can also protect your artwork with these slim, versatile cartons.

Protect your mirrors, paintings and photographs with high quality mirror moving boxes

It should come as no surprise that standard corrugated moving boxes are generally unsuitable for mirrors, paintings and framed photographs. Although a small well-wrapped mirror or photograph may survive a move, it is best to invest in dedicated mirror cartons (especially for large and especially fragile pieces).

Not only are mirror cartons built to withstand physical shocks, they also protect from grease, grime and dust.

Single piece and telescopic cardboard boxes available

Despite their name, you are not restricted to using your New Haven high quality mirror cartons for mirrors. They are just as suitable for any thin and fragile items providing you select the appropriate size for your needs. With their robust construction and restricted internal space, our mirror boxes can protect their contents from accidental damage.

Examples of the types of item suitable for shipping or storing via a premium quality New Haven mirror box include:

  • Oil paintings, watercolours, sketches and other types of artwork
  • Collages and tapestries
  • Family portraits and framed photographs
  • Canvases
  • Whiteboards and other presentation boards
  • Large and/or decorative mirrors
  • Plaques and decorative engraved prints
  • Empty picture frames
  • Some flat screen TVs (we also sell dedicated flat screen TV cartons)


We supply three sizes of single piece, easy-to-assemble mirror carton ranging from 24 x 26 inches to 37 x 27 inches. Their affordable prices make them a cost-effective solution for moving your fragile and awkward mirrors and pictures. Simply wrap your item in bubble roll for added protection, insert it carefully into the box and tape the flaps shut with New Haven packing tape.


New Haven also supply several types of telescopic mirror carton for maximum flexibility. Two piece cardboard boxes can be extended vertically in order to accommodate items of different heights within the stated size range.

We can provide two piece telescopic mirror cartons in three sizes:

  • 30 x 40 inches
  • 40 x 60 inches
  • 48 x 32 inches

Four piece moving boxes are even more adaptable as they extend both vertically and horizontally.

We can provide four piece telescopic mirror cartons in two sizes:

  • 30 x 40 inches
  • 40 x 60 inches

A storage solution for your precious artwork and family photos

New Haven mirror cartons are not just useful as secure shipping boxes. They can also be used around the home or in storage facilities to keep artwork and framed family photographs safe from dirt, dust and moisture.

We recommend you keep hold of your mirror cartons once you've unpacked the moving truck. You never know when they may come in handy (e.g. keeping artwork safe and secure during a renovation project).

How to order your New Haven mirror cartons

To order your mirror cartons, select the number of pieces you need and then click the red cart button. Please note that each carton is priced per piece. For example, if you are purchasing a four piece telescopic mirror carton, you would select four pieces.

Please make sure you check the product description carefully before ordering as some mirror shipping boxes are restricted to certain states.