Floor protection has to be one of the first considerations movers make when planning a domestic, commercial or industrial move. Naturally, you will want to protect your customer's floors from damage but using a high quality temporary floor covering will also protect you from claims. After all, claims against professional movers for floor damage are among the most common post-move legal claims.

New Haven can provide professional grade floor protection for most types of surfaces (carpet, wood, vinyl, ceramic, etc.) Since every moving project is different, there is no 'one size fits all' floor covering solution. However, we are confident you will find what you are looking for within our comprehensive floor protection product range.

Professional grade scuff shields for heavy appliances

Moving heavy appliances without damaging the flooring underneath can be tough, even for the experienced mover. Fortunately, heavy duty, professional grade New Haven plastic scuff shields can solve the problem, protecting sensitive hardwood, tiled and vinyl surfaces from scratching, scuffing, indentations and roller marks.

The generous hand-holds built into this sensitively designed product makes positioning your scuff shield and moving appliances much easier. Multiple scuff shields can be combined easily for more flexibility and control during a move or when preparing for decoration or renovation.

Cushion and protect a range of surfaces with neoprene floor runners

Neoprene floor runners are among the greatest floor protection enhancements of the last generation. These have a tough, water-resistant backing while providing a soft and durable temporary surface for covering hard surfaces (hardwood, ceramic, etc.)

Often favored by the careful professional mover, New Haven premium quality neoprene floor runners are available in either blue or red. Depending on your requirements, you can either purchase neoprene floor protection in 15 or 20 foot rolls or buy it in bulk by the foot. Please choose the appropriate option when ordering.

Easy application poly floor covering for reliable carpet protection

To provide a surface you can work on safely while protecting your customers' carpets, New Haven poly floor covering won't let you down. We can supply carpet shields in 50 or 200 foot lengths. In either case, our poly sheeting options are quick and easy to apply due to the water or acrylic based adhesive on the underside of the sheet. Whether you are working on a domestic, commercial or industrial project, New Haven poly floor covering will reinforce your professional image, proving that you respect your customers' property.

Ram Board: hardboard in a roll

Described as 'hardboard in a roll,' Ram Board is an essential addition to the professional movers floor protection toolkit. Despite being conveniently packaged in a roll, Ram Board will lay flat when rolled out. This 100% recycled and recyclable product is particularly useful for moving heavy items such as hand trucks over hard floors and can even support the weight of a small forklift truck!

Get your furniture skates on

New Haven furniture skates are 5 inch diameter, curved furniture leg pads which are used for gliding heavy furniture and workstations over carpet and most other surfaces. Constructed from high density plastic with neoprene foam inserts, these strong and durable moving aids are a must-have, especially for office moves.

How to order your New Haven floor protection products

Stocking up on professional quality floor protection products is a pain-free process with New Haven Moving Equipment. Simply select or type in the quantity of each type of product you need and then click the red cart button to add the items to your order. We aim to despatch items on the day of order or the very next working day where possible.