Flat Screen TV Cartons

New Haven Moving Equipment supplies high quality corrugated moving boxes for protecting a full range of household items when moving. One item which definitely will not fit inside a standard cardboard box is a flat screen TV.

Our range of flat screen TV boxes are designed to ensure almost every make and model of flat screen LED HTV, plasma and LCD TV are covered.

Is a flat screen TV carton really necessary?

We say yes!

For many homeowners, their flat screen TV is one of the most expensive and regularly used items they will move. Some will improvise when packing their TV, hoping that large quantities of padding and packing will make up for not having a dedicated TV box.

We recommend you always invest in a high quality TV box. Flat screen TVs contain highly sensitive internal components which need stabilizing during transport. In addition, a flat screen TV box will protect the vulnerable screens from piercing, dirt, dust and moisture.

Once you've invested in a flat screen TV box, you can also use it for future house moves or even to protect your television's sensitive electronics from dust and dirt during renovation.

To ensure your television is safe and secure, order your flat screen TV boxes from New Haven today.

Various designs for ultimate flexibility

All New Haven flat screen TV boxes are made from premium quality cardboard and tested for strength. Every TV box is marked with clear arrows and 'Handle With Care' labels.

We offer different styles of TV box to suit your preferences and boxes are available in several sizes. Make sure you look at the individual product descriptions before placing your order. Some flat screen TV boxes are only available in specific states and supersize packaging can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from a New Haven outlet.


New Haven one piece flat screen TV boxes are available to cater for TVs up to 64 or 72 inches, depending on the size you order.

Each TV box comes with foam protection and a pouch for your TV. These boxes can double up as picture boxes for moving paintings, framed photographs or other artwork.


We can also supply a thicker, two piece flat screen TV box. These offer added flexibility because you can separate both the base and the top into two pieces. With a generous 15 inch width, even TVs with bulky bases can usually be accommodated. This item also includes 16 pieces of protective foam to ensure your TV is protected from all sides, front and back.

Budget-friendly cartons for TVs, pictures and general electronics available

If you are looking for a high quality but no fuss specialty TV box, we have a range of cartons for various TV sizes and customer budgets. From small TVs with screens measuring less than 19 inches right up to huge TVs with over 46 inch screens, we have a moving box to match.

If you need to move a traditional shaped TV, computer monitor, microwave or similar sized electronic device, take a look at our double walled combo TV box. These offer superb protection for your electrical items at a great price.

Whatever type of TV carton is right for you, simply enter or select the relevant number of pieces you need and then click the red cart icon to add to your shopping cart. You can then continue to browse and add additional items from any category. Click the cart icon at the top of the page to view items, adjust quantities and proceed to checkout.