If you are looking for a 2 or 4 wheel moving dolly to assist you with a domestic, commercial or industrial moving project, New Haven have a generous range of options. Whether you need a simple metal hand cart for general carrying assistance or a rugged six-wheel dolly for moving items over rough ground, we can meet your requirements.

Quality is at the heart of all we do and the construction of our dollies is testimony to that priority.a

Extensive range of 4 wheel dollies to secure and stabilize your load

Quality craftsmanship has gone into every one of our New Haven 4 wheel dollies. One thing to always bear in mind when choosing a 4 wheel dolly is that the size of the castors affects the amount of weight that dolly can safely handle. In general, castors at the lower end of the size scale (3-3.5 inches diameter) can carry loads of 700-800 pounds while the larger castors (4-5 inches) can cope with 1,000-1,100 pounds of weight.

We are especially proud of the Slip-Pruf® Deluxe Dolly. This robust tool has side rails of kiln-dried hardwood, rounded corners beneath rubber bumpers for extra air cushioning

We can also supply Chicago Style Deluxe Dollies which we have designed with inset casters for easy stacking, particularly valuable in corporate moves.

New Haven Furniture Dollies include a double carpeted design, providing extra cushioning at both head rails. As the name suggests, this type of dolly is perfect for moving heavy pieces of furniture with appropriate care.

Our stackable Office Move Dollies are more suitable for robust but bulky office furniture such as desks and filing cabinets. They also contain a carpeted head rail with optional rubbers trips for additional protection and control.

Other options to consider are our Dual Rail 'H' Dollies, with its conveyor rubber tread belting, and our extra rugged six-wheeled All Terrain Dolly. With its 10 inch pneumatic tires, this latter dolly picks up where the pavement ends and is therefore ideal for external use.

All of our dollies are built to last but if you do need replacement rubber caps or castors, we can supply these. We can also help you to adapt your dollies by providing wooden Dolly Risers, for extra height or a pair of Dolly Converters which will turn your dolly into a temporary panel cart.

Heavy duty 2 wheel dollies for every moving and storing project

Whether you need a simple hand truck for general utility purposes or a specialist dolly designed for a specific purpose, we stock several types of 2 wheel dolly.

For example, we can supply carton dollies (including stair glides, frame extensions, foam wheels and other accessories) for moving corrugated boxes safely and swiftly. We can also provide specialist appliance, machinery and vending dollies, each with unique adaptations for their specific purposes.

In addition to manufacturing our own high quality dollies, we also distribute third party dollies from top brands such as B&P, Dutro, Escalero, Stevens and Yeats. For example, you can order a state-of-the-art Escalero motorized stair hand truck for handling those awkward steps. Power packs, extra size wheels and big toe plates are also available to customize your motorized hand truck.

How to order your 4 wheel and 2 wheel New Haven dollies

When you have decided on the dollies and/or accessories you need, simply enter the quantity of each item required in the appropriate box. To add the items to your order, click the red shopping cart icon.

We always aim to despatch moving equipment orders either on the same day as we receive the order or on the very next working days.