Everything you Need to Know About Corrugated Moving Containers

Do you need to ship bulky items like tools, vehicle parts and machine components overseas or interstate? Or do you have to transport a valuable piece of sensitive equipment, like a cutting-edge medical device, securely and in compliance with export regulations?

New Haven Moving Equipment can supply heavy duty, export-approved corrugated moving containers to handle these kinds of tasks.

Light but robust, export-ready corrugated moving boxes

Export conditions can be harsh, placing extra demands on packaging. There are also export regulations regarding the specification of moving boxes and other storage containers.

New Haven corrugated moving containers are export-compliant and designed to withstand the additional rough treatment they can sometimes be exposed to. To securely contain heavy items such as machine parts and tools, or ultra-sensitive electronic equipment such as an X-ray machine, New Haven moving containers have a protective tri-wall structure and can manage loads of up to 1,300 pounds.

Measuring 45 inches by 39 inches, our Mini moving containers are sized for optimal storage within sea containers. They are self-contained and come with a telescopic cap. They can be set up, ready for export, in seconds, saving you time when arranging a shipment. Despite their strength, corrugated MiniLift moving containers are lighter than wood making them easier to handle. When you don't need them any more, our MiniLift moving containers can be folded down into a compact shape and stored for future use. They can also be stacked to save space.

Heat treated pallet included with every MiniLift moving container

Each of our strong and durable MiniLift moving containers comes with a kiln-dried and heat-treated wood pallet for easy transportation around a warehouse or factory floor. Heat treatment not only removes moisture and makes pallets easier to handle, it has been proven to kill off the larvae of woodworm, termites and other pests. This may not seem a big deal but medicines and food have had to be recalled due to contaminated pallets. Chemical treatments can leave an odor so heat treatment is now the most popular method for sterilizing pallets.

Besides, the European Union and over a dozen other countries have adopted the International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging (ISPM15). Heat treatment is mandatory under that specification so by purchasing a New Haven MiniLift moving container you can be sure that you won't hit any problems with customs authorities.

How to order your New Haven moving containers

Ordering your New Haven MiniLift moving containers couldn't be easier. All you need to do is select the number of items you need and enter this into the quantity box. Click the red cart icon and your moving boxes will be added to your shopping cart. Don't worry if you change your mind, you can easily adjust quantities or remove items at any time by clicking on the main shopping cart icon at the top of the page. Please note that our moving containers are classed as oversize items so they can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from a physical New Haven location.

Are you preparing for an office or warehouse move?

Are you shipping items as part of a larger office, warehouse or factory move? New Haven Moving Equipment is a one-stop-shop for all commercial and industrial moves. For example, we also supply heavy duty commercial bins and speed packs for moving and storing your general office furniture and other heavy items. We can also deliver file cartons and commercial totes for your documents, files and miscellaneous office items.

Be sure to browse the different product categories and pick up everything you need before checking out.