Choosing the Right Box Size

One of the first decisions you will make when preparing for a house move is which moving boxes to use. New Haven offer a full range of high quality household cartons for all purposes. These include standard storage boxes in four different sizes (plus their variations) as well as a selection of speciality boxes for specific item types.

A box is NOT just a box

It is a big mistake to assume that a professional grade household carton is no different to any other cardboard box you could pick up from a store.

Unless you are 100% sure that the second hand box you are using is a moving box, it is unlikely to have been through an edge crush test (ECT). New Haven Moving Co. boxes have a stamp on their side to prove they have passed this important test.

This gives you peace of mind that your boxes won't buckle when stacked.

Another reason to avoid second hand cardboard boxes is that you don't know its history. Has its structure been weakened by overuse, abuse or spillages? If you are looking to save money, our moving boxes are priced economically. For example, our lowest priced small storage boxes will cost you less than a dollar a unit.

Which storage boxes are used for what?


Our small household cartons are sometimes referred to as 'book boxes' because they are ideally suited to items which are relatively heavy but compact. However, small moving boxes are also perfectly suited for CDs, tools and small appliances.

We also recommend small cardboard boxes for fragile, breakable and valuable items such as antiques, collectables and silverware.


Our medium storage boxes are ideal for items which are bulky but not too heavy. Examples include clothes, shoes, children's toys, purses, lamp bases and electronic equipment.


Our large and medium storage boxes are suitable for your very bulky but lightweight items.  You can empty your linen cupboard into these as they will handle towels, blankets and pillowcases. Large boxes are also perfect for large stuffed toys and comforters.


To cater for a wide range of use cases, New Haven Moving Co. stock variations in the above cardboard boxes. For example, our large household cartons come in long and tall variants. We also stock auto bottom and push down moving boxes; these help you to save on packing tape as well as speeding up the packing process


Wardrobe cartons offer a really convenient way of packing and transporting clothes. Items on hangers can be moved straight on to the inbuilt rail while shoes, socks, underwear and sports equipment can be packed into an additional section of the box.

Dishpaks make organizing your fine china and stemware much more manageable. Simply wrap each item in high quality New Haven Moving Equipment newsprint and/or bubble roll beforehand.


New Haven Moving Equipment also supply a selection of specialized boxes for mirrors and artwork; bicycles and cribs; spare parts; sofas; flat screen TVs; wine and lamps. Visit our Specialty Cartons category for more information.

Why get your cardboard boxes from New Haven?

New Haven Moving Equipment brings together quality, affordability and customer service in one convenient package. All of our household cartons have been thoroughly strength tested as evidenced by the printed stamp. Little touches like printed arrows and label placement guides may seem minor but help to make your packing and moving experience smoother and faster.

Browse our extensive range of high quality all purpose household cartons, select the number of units you need and click the shopping cart icon to start adding items.