All About Wardrobe Cartons

New Haven Moving Equipment supplies an extensive range of specialty boxes for those items which won't fit into standard all purpose cartons or need some extra protection due to their fragility.

Among our specialty cardboard boxes are a selection of high quality and affordable wardrobe cartons.

What is a wardrobe box used for?

Wardrobe cartons are moving boxes designed for saving time and effort when packing and transporting your clothes. Using a wardrobe box is the closest thing to bringing your closet with you.

Wardrobe cartons include a metal bar which is used as a clothes rail. When packing, simply move your clothes from the rail in your closet to the one in your wardrobe box. Shoes and non-hanging clothes such as underwear can be folded and stored in the same box for maximum use of space.

Some types of sporting equipment can also be safely transported in a New Haven wardrobe box.

Flexible options for all circumstances

New Haven Moving Equipment supplies wardrobe cartons in various shapes, sizes and price points.


Our standard wardrobe cartons come in three different widths. The widest moving boxes measure 24 inches across. If you don't need that much space, our 18 or 20 inch wardrobe cartons may be sufficient.

All of our standard wardrobe cartons include carrying holes on either side for easy transportation. Please note that all of our standard height wardrobe cartons are classed as oversize and can only be shipped by common carrier or picked up from a New Haven depot.


Standard wardrobe cartons are ideal for keeping dresses, pants, suits, sport coats and other long garments wrinkle-free. You can also pack shoes and foldable clothes in the same box.

Our more compact 'shorty' wardrobe cartons are only 34 inches high and are a popular choice for shorter items of clothing such as children's clothes, shirts and blouses. This will help you to save space in the moving truck as well as saving money.


Our most economical clothes transport option are our lay flat wardrobe cartons. These are ideal for moving seasonal clothing such as winter jumpers and sweaters. Lay flat wardrobe cartons also function well as storage boxes since you can slip them beneath most beds until the clothes are needed.


For maximum flexibility we retail wardrobe cartons separate to the metal hanging rails. If you already have your own rails you can save money by ordering the boxes on their own. If you lose a rail, you can order a replacement without having to buy a complete wardrobe carton.

When placing your order, make sure you select the desired number of cartons and rails for your needs.

How many wardrobe boxes will you need?

A frequently asked question is: how many wardrobe boxes are needed for a house move? This clearly depends on the quantity of clothing you intend to transport so we recommend you measure the space your current clothes take up in your closet before placing your order.

To order your moving boxes and rails, simply select or enter the number of each item you need in the relevant box and then click the red shopping cart button to add the items to your cart. If you click the cart icon at the top of the page, you will see the items you have selected. You can then move on to other pages and add further items to complete your order.

Items can be added and removed or the quantities adjusted directly from the shopping cart.