Tips When Selecting a Commercial Moving Company


There are many excellent Commercial Movers in the market today offering superb service, expertise in packing and moving, and integrity. A good corporate moving experience can make a tremendous difference in maintaining the productivity of your company during the move. Finding the right mover who will be there to support you during this vital time for your company is important and can be easily accomplished with some planning and effort.

1. Carefully Plan Your Moving Date and Make Sure that Your Moving Company Can Commit to a Date That’s Good For You

It takes time and straitening of dates in order to plan and execute a successful move. Your office furnishings, electronics, important and confidential papers, telephone systems, cabinets, equipment, etc. all must be packed, moved and unpacked safely. Simultaneously, your telephone system and all web & computer related equipment and wiring must be transferred seamlessly so that there is no discontinuation of services to your clients or to yourselves. This takes precise timing and a team of professionals. Never assume that your current voice and data provider will be able to ‘switch over” to your new location, even if it’s just a few blocks or miles away. It can take months to effectuate this change. Therefore, it is vital to secure the best possible date for your move that allows for all changes at once, and to make sure that the moving company will firmly be able commit to your specific moving date.

2. Determine Who Will Be Packing for the Move

Packing for the move is one of the most vital aspects of a move—important in terms of protecting confidential and sensitive files and papers, electronics, and valuable furnishings, as well as allowing for an easy and organized unpacking process. Although many companies at first want to do all of their own packing for the sake of reducing costs, they later often find that the decision to self-pack was not ultimately advantageous. Allowing your Commercial Mover to do the packing saves your employees valuable time, so that they can continue the work of running the business, which may make the additional packing fees well worth it. In addition, Professional Movers will know best how to protect your valuable items during the packing process. Most Commercial Movers will give two prices if doing your packing: one price for packing and providing the boxes and crates and a different price for packing with your providing the boxes, so you may need to determine which option is best for your company. If you decide that you still want to do your own packing, then carefully think through the length of time this process is going to take, and make sure that you will be finished in time for your moving date. You don’t want to have to rush your packing at the last minute.

3. Determine the Cost and Work that Into Your Corporate Budget

Movers’ fees can vary, sometimes considerably, and moving companies structure their fees based upon a combination of various factors. These factors may include, but are not limited to, the number of tractors used in the move, the number of trailers and trucks used in the move, the number of drivers employed, the distance of the move, the number of employees you have, the square footage of the building, the weight of the contents, the time/hours of the move, the number of warehouse help needed, the amount of heavy machinery being moved, and the overall difficulty of the move.

There is no “right” way to charge as they all are fair methods that often end up with a very similar result. However, you may feel more comfortable with one method over another. Beware of a deal or price up-front that is “too” good, and look carefully in the contract for hidden frees or contracts which allow for additional charges. Always get at least two bids, unless you have a long term relationship with a particular company, and keep in mind that a price that seems decidedly lower than the norm may be suggestive of hidden fees later—so read your contract carefully.

4. Make Sure that Your Moving Company has a Record of Great Service, Safety, and Customer Satisfaction

There are many superb movers across the country, many who specialize in or are very capable of conducting successful commercial moves. It is important that you find such a reputable mover, whose business ethics and expertise in moving you can count on.

To ensure that you have found such a company, set aside some time to check out the reputation of the moving company you plan to hire for your commercial move. You can do this in a variety of ways including the following:

*Check to make sure that the company is licensed by the state (if you are moving within a state) or that the company as a U.S. DOT number if you are moving across states. You want to make sure that you are dealing with a fully licensed company, and not simply a group of guys who are creating the illusion of a real moving company.

*Check to make sure that the company is fully insured and that their limits will fully cover you for any damage or loss.

*Check to see the number of years the company has been in business in your city, although newer companies can still be excellent.

*Read reviews online by former customers and/or ask the Moving Company for formal references.

*Call or go online to the Better Business Bureau

5. Discuss the Move with Your Mover

Discuss with the company any specific concerns you have in terms of safeguarding particular items that require privacy and confidentiality (for safeguarding the privacy of papers and folders, your best bet is New Haven’s patented and HIPAA approved E-CRATES® with padlocks, secure plastic seals and optional hanging bars are your optimal choice). Also discuss particular furnishings and equipment that you think may require special handling and care. Companies can protect your items using the right Furniture Moving Pads, Shrink Wrap, Corrugated Boxes engineered for particular items (such as New Haven’s Sofa Boxes, Mirror Cartons, and Lamp Boxes). Therefore, you may wish to dialogue with your moving company about the items that you feel are particularly valuable. Similarly, you may want to ask that the company plans on protecting your floors with floor protection (such as Neoprene Runners). Movers are very focused on providing you with safe, successful moves, and tend to want to work with you to ensure a positive working relationship and great outcome.