5 Tips for Moving Into a High-Rise Apartment

The demand for apartments in the U.S. is at an all-time high. If it’s your first time moving into a high-rise apartment, there are certain steps you can take to prepare yourself. Don’t just show up to the building on move-in day with all of your stuff. You’ll want to plan the logistics beforehand, in order to make the process as smooth, cost-efficient and safe as possible.Here are a few tips to get started:

Only bring what you need

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff is the first step in making any kind of move easier. As you start packing your belongings into boxes, take some time to assess what’s truly important to you. This is especially helpful when it comes to larger items like tables, sofas, dressers, etc.

If you own a sofa but never sit on it, for example, now is the time to either sell it, donate it or throw it away. Don’t go through the process of carrying big items outside, into the truck and up into the high-rise if you don’t have to. It’ll only cost you and your helpers time and energy.

Instead, make a floor plan for the furniture. Measure the dimensions of all the big pieces and designate a place in the apartment for them ahead of time. Cutting out as many items as possible will make move-in day quicker, cheaper and less stressful.

Talk to the building manager

For many apartment buildings, you’ll be required to coordinate with the building’s management about your move. They’ll want to know the time and day that you’re moving in and about how long it’ll take you, since it’s their job to reduce the amount of congestion coming in and out of the building.

Even if it’s not required, you should still speak with the building manager, as they can be a helpful resource to you. They might be able to set you up with a temporary storage space, lend a few extra helping hands, or at least hold the door open for you.

Make reservations for Move-In Day

Another important factor that the building manager may help you with is making any necessary reservations for move-in day. Which elevator will you use? Where are you going to park the moving truck?

For most buildings, you’ll need to reserve their freight elevator. They won’t want you using the normal elevator because it’s an inconvenience to other residents and can lead to damaged walls. If possible, you should reserve some time with the building manager, then inform them about the dimensions and weight of the items you’ll be moving.

You’re also going to need a parking spot as close to the preferred entrance as possible. Since you’ll probably be using a large truck for the move, you’ll need more than an average parking space. It’s important to coordinate this with the building manager, letting them know how big your truck is and how long you’ll need it parked.

Rent the right moving equipment

Buying or renting the best equipment for your move will make the process much less difficult. Dollies are particularly important, since they allow you to wheel multiple items and stacked boxes from one point to another, saving time and body strength.

You’ll also need to decide which types of boxes you’re going to use. There are many different sizes available for corrugated cartons and plastic e-crates. If you go with corrugated boxes, make sure to check the edge crush test (ECT) score, which is typically imprinted on one of the outer flaps. The ECT score will tell you how much internal and external pressure the box can handle. Referring to this will help you avoid putting too much weight into one box or stacking too much weight on top of it.

Finally, make sure you protect fragile items with bubble roll and use carton sealing tape to secure the boxes before transporting them.

Use a professional moving company


When it comes to transporting your important or fragile possessions, having friends and family that are willing to help you with your move is something to be grateful for. By preparing ahead of time and coordinating with building managers, making reservations and most importantly purchasing the right equipment, you can maximize convenience, ensure your own safety and lower the risk of damaging your belongings.

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