10 Moving Tips for a Perfect Move


We all know that stress levels can run very high ahead of a house move. How are you going to get all of your stuff from A to B in time? There’s so much to do!
We’ve written this post to help you settle those nerves and ensure your moving experience is as close to perfect as possible. Here are the 10 moving tips for a perfect move.

1. Set a Realistic Budget


Moving home is an expensive business so it’s important to be on top of whatInterstate Move on your move is going to cost you. If you base your calculations on the headline rates you see on the moving companies’ websites, you are likely to be in for an unpleasant surprise. Special offers may not apply in your case or you could find that you face extra charges (e.g. long-haul or heavy item charges).

Insurance is another factor. If your existing homeowners’ or renters’ insurance doesn’t cover your goods you will need to pay for this too. When you’ve worked out a sensible estimate, add on 5% for contingency.

2. Draw Up a Timetable


It’s amazing how the simple task of writing something down can relieve anxiety. Set out a schedule which is broken down into months, weeks and days. On a separate list, write down everything you need to do before you move. Then slot each task into the schedule. As other tasks come to mind, add them in straight away and deal with them in priority order.

Make sure you contact babysitters, cleaners and helpful friends well in advance so that they can set aside time in their diaries.

3. Organize Your Documentation


Once you’ve created your schedule, file it in a special ‘moving’ folder along with any other documents that are relevant. These might include estimates, receipts, license agreements, booking forms and copies of ID.

Buy a bright, colorful binder to help associate your move with positive feelings.

4. Research Moving Companies Thoroughly


Your moving company will be in charge of looking after your valuable and sentimental possessions so you shouldn’t just jump at the first low-cost ad you come across. Compare costs, read reviews and check out accreditation. If your movers say they are part of a professional body, follow up on that with the body in question. Above all, never base your decision on a flashy website or a popular social media page. Scammers can easily put something slick online to dupe the unwary.

5. Order High Quality Packing Supplies


When items become damaged during transit, it is often the packaging that is to blame. To avoid the nightmare of crushed moving containers, unravelling packing tape or torn moving blankets, make sure you use a professional firm like New Haven. Quality of service is also important as you will want to rely on the supplies arriving on time.

6. Purge Your Home


Sometimes, a perfect move is as much about the things you don’t pack as those you do. On the monthly part of your schedule, set aside time to go through all of your possessions. Anything you can sell, donate or throw/recycle will save you packing time. For interstate moves, every pound of weight removed will also save you money.

7. Rally The Troops


Try to leverage as much help as possible on moving day. Could a relative or friend take your children or pets off your hands for a few hours? Are there any strong neighbors who owe you a favor (or are partial to a free beer or pizza?)

Can anyone lend you some hand trucks or a dolly for the afternoon?

8. Stick To a Packing System


When it comes to the packing itself, choose a system you are happy with and make sure everyone sticks to it. A popular method is to pack one room at a time, using a spare room or garage to store your packed boxes. As you go around, keep a separate box with you to collect together essentials you will need to bring with you for your first night.

9. Use Some Packing Hacks


There are plenty of tips and hacks that people have discovered to make their lives easier. These include using wardrobe cartons for moving clothes without having to fold them, wrapping draws in plastic to save emptying them and creating a system for marking boxes. You will find many more moving hacks in our complete packing guide.

10. Thoroughly Clean


Once you’ve packed up and your goods are loaded onto the movers’ truck, it’s good manners to give the property you are leaving a thorough clean (you may want to hire professional cleaners to save you the energy). If you are leaving a rental property, this can help ensure you get your deposit back in full.

Hopefully, these 10 tips will have helped you quell some of the anxiety about moving. If you want more helpful information and pointers, our blog is full of useful articles.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if our moving tips helped you to enjoy a perfect move!