Tips for Professional Movers : Making a Move Easier with New Haven’s Scuff Shield

Being a professional mover can be very gratifying. But no matter how experienced you are or no matter how physically fit or strong you keep yourself, there is always the chance for personal injury. Over the years, you learn as a professional mover many strategies to protect yourself.

Some of these methods include the following:

  • Using your legs rather than your back to leverage the weight (bending with your knees)
  • Wearing a back brace
  • Using the right moving equipment and appliance dollies
  • Wearing hard-toe shoes


One of the easiest and relatively new way to protect yourself from personal injury is New Haven’s Scuff Shield. The Scuff Shield is a strong, specially engineered sheet of Polypropylene

that is used by a mover to slide directly under a heavy piece of equipment or appliance, such as a refrigerator. The scuff shield will easily allow you to drag the appliance or heavy object away from a wall or tight space, until such time that you can safely put the object onto an appliance dolly. The large, easy grip handle facilitates the graceful sliding process easily. Using the Scuff Shield can help to save you from shoulder or rotator cuff injuries, to name a few possible injuries that typically occur when moving an appliance.

New Haven’s Scuff Shield is also a great help in minimizing claims caused by damages to a customer’s floor an/or appliances. It is built to help protect expensive hardwood, tile and vinyl floors (among others) from tearing, knicking, scratching, indenting or gouging. You can also use two or more Scuff Shields for even more maneuvering.

If you are not a professional mover, the Scuff Shield is great to keep at home in case you ever need to move your refrigerator away from the wall during those times you have to check for refrigerator leaks or problems with the appliance. Non-professional movers are especially at risk for injuries caused by moving appliances, and thus keeping a Scuff Shield on hand is a smart, pre-emptive means of protecting yourself should a sudden need to move an appliance occur.

For more information, or to order your New Haven Scuff Shield, visit New Haven online at or call us at 855 557-7237. New Haven has been servicing the needs of movers for over 105 years, and manufactures and distributes high quality and economical moving equipment, furniture moving pads, floor protection, packaging materials, and dollies.