Many Different Uses of Moving Pads


As professional movers know, Furniture Moving Pads are an absolutely essential part of your residential moves. The different uses of moving pads makes them absolute mandatory to keep. They are used during a move to protect your furniture, antiques, pianos, chairs, and all important objects from knicks or breakage. In addition, they are often wrapped around bannisters or put on the walls for further protection of your belongings while they are being handled and moved around corners or down the stairs.

However, furniture moving pads have many eclectic, helpful uses; and therefore, it makes great sense to keep a few at home for when a need arises. As there can be many uses of moving blankets.

According to our in-house moving specialists, here are the top different uses of furniture pads ( in addition to protecting you during a move):

1) Great to take to the beach, a campground, or to an outdoor sports event or concert

Moving Pads are perfect to serve as blankets for a day at the beach or under the stars while camping. The added quilting gives you a much softer surface to lie down on than a towel or sheet, and provides more insulation from the ground inside or outside of your tent

2) Keep one on the bottom of your trunk underneath groceries or luggage

All of us have experienced groceries opening up or breaking on the way home. Laying a moving pad and keeping it on the bottom of your trunk protects you from spillage or other accidents. It also provides you with added cushioning for eggs, food and breakable items.

In case of your car breaking down, having a moving pad on hand in your car also provides you with an additional blanket to protect you from the cold should you unexpectedly need it! And…should you need to change a tire, the moving pad provides you with something to kneel on.

3) Perfect for Storage of everything from Billiard Tables, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Snowmobiles and Sports Equipment to Musical Instruments and Appliances

It’s important to wrap important items in moving pads before storing them in your garage, attic or basement. Wrapping your bicycles, motorcycles, billiard tables, ping-pong tables, skiis, snowmobiles, appliances, musical instruments and toys (among other things) helps to preserve them longer and shields against dust, debris, mice, knicks and breakage.

4) Excellent for Protecting Cargo and Pick-Up Truck Beds

As with the bottom of your trunk, laying a moving pad down on the bottom of your cargo or pick-up truck bed provides you with protection against damage to your vehicle as well as to whatever you are carrying.

5) Best choice for placing in back seat when transporting your dog or cat

Moving pads are a much better choice than a towel, sheet or regular blanket to lay down on your back seat when transporting your pet. The added strength, weight and cushioning will help you shield against damage to your upholstery—and the moving blanket is far less likely to move around and fall as would a sheet.

6) Keep one at home should you need to slide a piece of furniture

Although a scuff shield would be your best choice, a moving pad can prove very handy if you need to slide a heavy object across your floor. It helps protect your floor from scratches and indentations as well as making the moving of your furniture much easier to handle.

7) Use for an impromptu Yoga Mat or Exercise Mat

Another versatile use for keeping a moving pad at home is its use as a yoga mat or exercise mat. Their weight (which helps keep them adhered to the floor) and cushioning make it a good option when you don’t have a bona fide yoga mat to use.

8) Great as a Bed for your Pets

Moving Pads make terrific pet beds. You can place them in your doghouse outside or inside as a make-shift bed. Dogs and cats love laying on them, and outside they provide a great barrier over the ground.

9) Provides Sound Insulation

When you need sound insulation (such as when you are rehearsing with your band or practicing your drums), hanging moving blankets on the wall will help absorb the sound and provide you with the temporary sound insulation you need. Some musicians have found it has even helped the acoustics of the room.

New Haven Moving Equipment has been manufacturing and distributing furniture moving blankets for over 105 years, and we were the first company to manufacture moving blankets utilizing lasers and robotics in our two US factories. At New Haven, we offer a full line of moving pads designed for every use and budget—from professional grade to storage quality.

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