How To Choose The Right Floor Protection For Residential Moves

One of the greatest risks during a Household Move is injury to floors and carpeting—and floor damage is one of the most common areas of complaints coming from customers following a move. Protecting against denting, scraping or staining a floor or carpet is therefore one of the priorities when planning a residential move.

There are several floor protection systems available today that will significantly help protect against floor damage—and therefore help protect you and your firm against claims. Knowing which floor protection is right for each specific type of floor will ensure the effectiveness of your floor protection.


For years, the Moving Community has asked for a sustainable form of floor protection that could be water resistant, provide just enough cushion to resist impact, and be easily rolled out and cleaned for long term reuse on hard wood and tile surfaces.

New Haven’s NEOPRENE FLOOR RUNNERS do just that. You can now assure your moving clients that those expensive hard wood and tile floors will be protected with the very best material available today.

Available in Blue and Red, this material is basically made of wetsuit material. It has a rubber non slip bottom side that will allow you to walk and roll over without worry of slipping or moving the protection. There is no adhesive material so there will be no marks left on the floor after use.

It is liquid resistant so no worries about anything slipping through the material on the floor, and cushion resistant enough to place tools or dollies on them without concern for impacting the floor!

Available in popular 15-20’ lengths as well as 200 ft. rolls, Neoprene Floor Runners roll out flat, so you can have the ultimate floor protection laid down within minutes. When complete, simply roll it back up and it will be ready for the next job!


Protecting carpet will require another type of protection for your client. Carpet Shield is the perfect solution. It also rolls out in a 200’ roll but is considered a one-time use product. It is a clear, self adhering film perfect for all types of carpet and is made of a special blend of polyethylene, providing puncture and tear proof protection for your clients carpet.

When your job is complete, you simply remove and dispose of the film, and will find your clients carpet in the same condition that you started!

To order these products or for more information or help on selecting the best floor protection for you, call New Haven’s friendly and caring customer service team at (855) 557-7237.

New Haven has been manufacturing, engineering and distributing high quality moving equipment for over 105 years and is a trusted source of products and information to the industry. At New Haven, we have many different types of floor protection that can assure your client that you have them covered.