What Equipment Do You Need for a Commercial Office Move?


Moving an office provides a unique set of requirements and challenges that is different from those of moving a home. First of all, the advanced planning is often logistically complex—involving coordinating the installation of computers, electronics, telephones and security systems while simultaneously keeping the communications and day-to-day business of a company intact.

The moving equipment you need will need to conduct an efficient commercial move is different from those of a residential move as well. You also need to consult nearby moving equipment company for the essential moving equipment. Here is a a basic list of office moving supplies that movers’ “must have’s” for a cost-efficient, time-efficient, safe, stream-lined office move:

 Needful Equipment for Commercial Relocation


Files can be safely transported in one of two ways:

  • by using corrugated Record Storage Boxes and Office File Totes or
  • by using ECRATES®

Traditionally, businesses and movers have used Record Storage Boxes and Office File Totes for organizing and transporting files while consuming office shifting services. These typically do not require taping and come in either letter or legal sizes which is commonly offered by office shifting packers and movers. New Haven’s Office File Totes come as a folded one piece and are sturdy and engineered with an inter-locking quick assembly design best for moving office equipment. New Haven’s Records Storage Boxes come in two easy-to-assemble design options: the Quick Set Auto Bottom Box and the Push Down Two-Piece Box. These boxes are popular and provide an affordable, dependable means of moving your records.

Office Moving Benefits of ECRATES®

Gaining tremendously in popularity is the use of New Haven’s patented ECRATES®. It is one of the most suitable office moving equipment for safely packing as well as moving efficiently. ECRATES® provide movers and businesses with several advantages :

  • Composed of 10 pounds of High Density Polypropylene, CRATES® are extremely strong and can withstand tremendous stress and weight.
  • New Haven’s ECRATES® are HIPAA approved and therefore can legally provide you with the greatest security for storing and moving your most important documents.
  • ECRATES® can be easily and safely stacked (most moves will stack four fully filled ECRATES® on top of each other before rolling them), allowing for a fast, efficient move as well as neat, organized storage.
  • ECRATES® have ergonomic handles and a traction bottom surface that helps to prevent slippage. This provides you with tremendous ease of movement, safety and control when maneuvering a stack of ECRATES® around even the tightest of office spaces.
  • ECRATES® are not made from corrugated paper and thus are environmentally friendly.
  • ECRATES® are sturdy and can be used repeatedly, ultimately providing you with the best value.
  • ECRATES® come with optional letter and legal bars, allowing you to easily move hanging files from file cabinets directly into the ECRATE® effortlessly and quickly. Packing takes virtually no time and your files arrive at your new location exactly now they left your old location, without any change to your original organization.

You may refer its video on How to Pack and Move Fast With ECRATES®

For moving the contents of a large lateral file, New Haven also sells and rents Lateral File E-CRATES®. The Lateral File ECRATES® have the same benefits and features as the traditional ECRATE®, but is constructed in an even bigger size (capacity of 5.25 cubic ft.) to accommodate the entire contents of a large lateral file. Three Lateral File ECRATES® can easily and effortlessly stack and roll.


For packing the contents of your desks and cubicles, ECRATES® are by far the fastest and most efficient method of packing and moving. Virtually all the contents of a desk, from the desk drawers, to the items and small electronics on the top of a desk and cubicle, can be quickly and easily placed into an ECRATE. Fragile items can be wrapped in newsprint, shrink-wrap or bubble-wrap.


For packing small electronics such as calculators and clocks as well as entire computer systems, ECRATES® are also a highly efficient way to move. ECRATES® are especially useful given their strength, ease of use, and the safety they provide for these valuable and breakable objects. Movers will first wrap many such items with shrink or bubble roll.

IT-CRATES®: The best choice for moving computers, printers, large screen television and other electronics.
The IT-CRATES® has all of the attributes of the ECRATE®, but was designed with a larger size (a capacity of 7.0 cubic feet), to perfectly accommodate the transportation of large computers and other computer accessories.


The most popular method for moving office chairs is the corrugated Speed Pack. These commercial moving bins will save your valuable time and money. New Haven rents and sells rugged and ultra dependable 2 and 3 ply Speed Packs of various sizes—each affording you with the optimal strength necessary to handle moving heavy and large office chairs.

For moving small appliances (such as microwaves) and countertop equipment (such as stamp machines), there are two options:
A) Office Machine Carts &

Office Machine Carts are an excellent means of moving small appliances and counter-top equipment used by commerical movers. Many movers will wrap small appliances first in shrink-wrap before placing them on the cart. Office Machine Carts can be quickly loaded and moved onto a moving truck with ease and speed. New Haven rents and sells top quality Office Machine Carts. New Haven’s #208 Office Machine Cart is manufactured with three reinforced slightly back slanted shelves, a reinforced pine frame, and non-marring 3-1/2i” or 4” deluxe rubber casters to ensure optimal safety during the office relocation. New Haven comes in category of top end moving equipment manufacturers providing to commercial moving companies.

ECRATES® or IT-ECRATES® provide you with another excellent method for moving small appliances and countertop equipment. These items can be wrapped first in shrink or bubble roll and then loaded quickly into New Haven’s spacious ECRATE®, which will provide ample space and superb ease of moving.



Strong, durable 4 Wheel Dollies are a necessity for moving everything from desks to shelving units to office desks. Movers tend to have their personal preference for four wheel dollies. New Haven sells and rents three of the most popular dollies for commercial moves:

Made from select hardwood rails and cross members as well as full length rubber tread, New Haven’s Dual Rail H Dolly provides maximum stability and strength.

New Haven’s Slip-Pruf® Dolly was awarded first in its class and is an absolute favorite among many professional movers. The Slip-Pruf® Dolly has hardwood grained sides and frame ends that are mortised, countersunk and bolted to keep its frame true. Its frame corners are rounded under the rubber bumper to provide extra air-cushion. Its deluxe 3 1/2”, 4” and 5” deluxe castors have grey, non-marring tires and ball bearing axles.

New Haven’s Office Dolly Deluxe is a carpeted, all-purpose dolly made for the professional mover. It was designed to move desks and to be stacked for easy transportation into office buildings.


For such specialty items as flat-screen TV screens, fragile lamps, decorative mirrors, audio/video components, modern office clocks and washer/dryer units. New Haven sells a variety of specialty corrugated moving boxes to provide optimal protection.
Curation of commercial moving checklist before the move is mandatory.



  • Do you have files and folders to pack, and are they legal or letter size?
  • Do you need to move at night or on a weekend to prevent down time or to accommodate your buildings’ elevator schedules?
  • Do you need to have cubicles and office furniture disassembled?
  • Do you need your computers packed?
  • Do you need your files packed?
  • Do you need your employees’ personal belongings packed?
  • When are your phones and internet connections scheduled to be transferred?
  • What do your buildings require of a mover?


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