Scott White discusses Corrugated and Moving Boxes


By Scott White

Hi My name is Scott White and I have been a professional household and commercial mover for over 24 years before I joined the New Haven team. I would like to talk to you today about Corrugated, something that is absolutely vital to the success of any move.

Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, cardboard and corrugated boxes can Appear on the surface to be the same. In other words, some people believe cardboard is just cardboard and will buy the least expensive box available thinking that it will hold up the same as a better made box. But truth be told, there’s some very important factors—including terms— that you should know before making a purchasing decision..

Single Face Cardboard


This is the usually the most flexible form of cardboard. It comes in various sizes of rolls, and it is literally rolled out as you would roll out a sheet of paper. It can be used to wrap furnishings for international shipments as well as furniture that will be moved in moving trucks and trailers. It essentially provides extra protection when packing.

Another great use for single face cardboard is providing for wall and floor protection on construction jobs as well as on commercial moves. Just unroll and use painters tape to safe guard the walls.

New Haven Moving Equipment offers an excellent source of single face cardboard, Kraft Paper.

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Cardboard Walls

Single Wall Cardboard is made up of a fluted board surrounded by flat liner board on both sides.

There are many different sizes of flute board; the most common sizes being C,B,E,F, and R.

The size most often used in making cartons (boxes) is C flute. The size of the C flute provides a very good strength structure. Another added benefit of C flute in cartons is it makes a great quality printing surface.

The numbers of Walls in a Multiple Wall Cardboard is based on layers of fluting, not the layers of flat board included. If there are 3 layers of flute that is a triple wall carton.

Triple Wall Cardboard is extremely strong and is sometimes used as an alternative to plywood due to its weight savings

The sizes and types of flutes, thickness of boards, type of glueing or stapling, whether the cardboard is comprised of mostly recycled paper (making it much weaker) all add up to the strength of the carton and how well it will keep its shape and not dent, sag, or crush under the pressure of carrying goods.

Edge Crush Test

Cartons (boxes) usually have a round stamp on the bottom of the carton. This is called a cert stamp. Inside this stamp is the information on the ratings and material used in making the carton. There is also a grading system used on cartons. That will also be found in the stamp.

It is called an Edge Crush Test.

At New Haven Moving Equipment, we are aware of the engineering involved in boxes and the need to make sure that the boxes are made with the best components so that movers will be successful and their goods protected. We strive in bringing the finest corrugated products in the industry. Our boxes meet or exceed industry standards for the ECT, and the quality of our cardboard, fluting, gluing and stapling all contribute to our ability and dedication to providing our customers with dependable, quality moving boxes that can be counted on for strength and durability.

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Scott White

New Haven Moving Equipment