New Haven’s Web Slings, An Overview by Michael Porter


Selecting the right web sling is vital to ensure the safety of your personnel and success of your lift.

You want to be confident your sling supplier has experience, knowledge and has built the sling with integrity.

The New Haven Companies have been longstanding members of the industry standards writing organizations, Web Sling and Tie-down Association ( WSTDA ) and Association of Wire Rope Fabricators.

New Haven, which is now celebrating 105 years of manufacturing and service, is the a premiere fabricator of flat web and round slings–offering a full array of slings for every requirement. New Haven manufactures flat web slings using only the highest quality components and materials. Materials used include Polyester and Nylon. Nylon is the most popular webbing used in sewing flat web slings due to its resistance to ultra violet rays and moisture. Polyester webbing will be especially desirable when slings are subject to acids, bleaching agents, or temperatures in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

New Haven’s flat web slings are treated with sealants that resist abrasion and give additional protection against harmful UV rays and moisture.

All New Haven round slings are made with polyester inner core yarns and a double walled seamless polyester outer jacket for extra protection. Round Slings are color coded to identify the working load limit, per industry standards. In additional we offer black jacketed round slings for entertainment stage rigging applications.

Whether your need is Marine, Industrial, Construction or Stage Rigging, New Haven can make the right sling for you. Feel free to contact one of our sling specialist today.

Michale Porter