New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught Furniture Moving Pad for Optimal Protection, Durability and Multiple Use


New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught Furniture Moving Pad for Optimal Protection, Durability and Multiple Use. The highest quality furniture moving pad in the industry.

Given the vast array of moving pads now on the market, even an experienced mover can be uncertain about which New Haven furniture pad is best to select, and we are often asked by movers when it is appropriate to use New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught, the most protective, highest quality, and durable furniture moving pad in the industry.

New Haven’s #55 “Dreadnaught” Furniture Pad is manufactured exclusively by New Haven and is highly valued among professional movers. The Dreadnaught is New Haven’s number one best-selling moving pad for over one hundred years, and the result of years of development. The Dreadnaught® #55 was strategically designed for movers who require optimal, dependable protection for fine furniture, high-value furniture, antiques, collectibles, and furniture and objects that are fragile and breakable. The Dreadnaught is composed of a synergistically durable and luxuriously dense combination of polyester and cotton, 1 inch zig-zag lock-stitched quilting, and 38 oz. batting. The Dreadnaught moving pad’s strength, firmness, and neatness are then secured with precise double-stitched binding. Square corners are employed so that movers can easily drape the furniture pads on furniture and chairs. The addition of cotton ensures that the furniture movers pads will not slip off of the furniture during the move, leaving furniture and hallways suddenly vulnerable to injury. The Dreadnaught furniture pad offers almost twice as much fabric per square inch as does our next poly-cotton blend moving pad, the Carrier, which is also a superb choice for movers who need a highly protective, multi-use pad.


New Haven’S #55 Dreadnaught Moving Pad Is The Perfect Choice….

* if you are looking for a pad to be used on multiple occasions. This makes the New Haven #55 moving pad a particularly great value as you will not need to repurchase furniture moving pads nearly as frequently.

*If you are a dedicated, over-the-road furniture hauler

*If your clients have high-value furniture, collectibles, antiques, fine furniture, and/or fragile objects

*if you have demanding clients who require the greatest assurance of the safety and protection of their possessions

*want to guard against your furniture moving pads slipping off of furniture, tearing, or wearing down from use.

About New Having Moving Equipment: For over a century, New Haven Moving Equipment has established the industry’s standards for furniture moving pads. New Haven invented the first ever machine made furniture pad in the United States, and later helped to revolutionize the design and production of furniture pads by utilizing robotics and lasers to manufacture furniture pads in their Louisville and Los Angeles factories. To this day, New Haven is known for their innovations–consistently fusing their experience and knowledge of textile engineering with concern for their customers’ needs and budgets.

As a result of New Haven’s experience, knowledge and expertise, they are able to offer you the best
quality at the best price.