New Haven #70 Premium Medium Weight Furniture Pad

New Haven #70 Premium Medium Weight Furniture Pad are industry’s most popular choice for local movers and the moving blankets you can depend upon.

New Haven Moving Equipment has established the industry’s standards for furniture moving pads for over 100 years. New Haven invented the first ever machine made furniture pad in the United States. New Haven later utilized lasers and robotics to manufacture state-of-the-art furniture pads in their factories in Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California. To this day, New Haven consistently fuses their experience and knowledge of textile engineering with their concern for their customers’ needs and budgets.

New Haven’s Premium Medium Weight Furniture Pad, the New Haven model #70, is the result of New Haven’s dedication to create a technologically superior furniture moving pad that is both high quality and very affordable. New Haven’s #70 Furniture Pad is designed to offer movers a reliable, durable, and quality pad that can protect your furniture and possessions and withstand your most active requirements. In fact, the New Haven #70 has become the standard furniture pad for local movers.

New Haven’s #70 Furniture Pad is constructed utilizing a dark blue and light blue high- count polyester. This high thread count is crucial to ensuring that your furniture moving pad can protect the furniture and valuables of your clients. The use of densely woven material and a high thread count is augmented by quilted one inch zig-zag lock-stitching and a sharp chevron pattern. This type of stitching costs more during the manufacturing process, but New Haven will use only a chevron pattern in their stitching as a chevron pattern ensures that the furniture moving pad can withstand more usage and resist tears. Moving pads that are not made with a sharp chevron pattern will be far more vulnerable to tearing. In addition to maintaining the highest standards of quality control in the stitching and manufacturing of the #70 furniture moving pad, New Haven has this pad filled with very durable 32 oz. batting. The #70 moving pad is then finished on all four sides with square corners for added firmness, strength and neatness. New Haven’s #70 furniture pad weighs 70 pounds per dozen, an ideal weight that offers substantial strength and durability as well as ease of use for movers.

As a result of New Haven’s experience, knowledge, and experience, they are able to offer you the best quality, at the best price, for the best value.

New Haven’s #70 furniture pad is your “go to” moving pad for quality and value and one of the most important assets for a professional mover.