Are Cotton and Densely Woven Material Important in a Furniture Moving Pad?

Cotton is a very valued and sought after fiber for clothing and linens. However, in response to a rise in cost in cotton and other natural fibers, as well as a concurrent increase in the use of synthetic, less costly fibers—the use of cotton in all types of textiles appears to be diminishing.

So as a mover or individual wanting to make a decision as to whether or not to spend more money on a furniture moving pad that is composed of cotton (or most likely a poly-cotton blend), it’s important to first ascertain the benefits of cotton in general, and the benefits of a poly-cotton furniture moving pad specifically.

Benefits of Cotton and a Poly-Cotton Blend

As everyone knows, cotton is a fabulous material that is both strong, durable, and soft to the touch. Cotton provides thermal insulation from both the heat and the cold—enclosing air in between the fibers of the material. When combined with polyester, the poly-cotton blend can provide the best of two worlds: rendering the blended material resistant to stains and shrinkage. Additionally, a poly-cotton blended material will hold its shape well.

Benefits of a Poly-Cotton Blend Furniture Moving Pad

A furniture moving pad composed of a densely woven poly-cotton blended material is unarguably the finest option on the market. The use of cotton material in a moving pad gives the furniture pad additional strength and durability. Hence, the moving pad—if taken care of well—can quite possibly last years (vs. months). The cotton will additionally render the pad more protective of the furniture it’s encasing—an extremely important benefit, especially when transporting valuable, high-end furniture, electronics, and works of art. And furniture moving pads composed of cotton is less likely to slip off of furniture or tear during strenuous moves, something all-synthetic materials are prone towards doing. Thus, poly-cotton blended furniture moving pads can be counted on in all categories. They will last a long time, will definitely protect the furniture (and hence achieve the goal they are intended to be used for), and will provide the mover with peace of mind.

What about the Cost?

Poly-cotton blend furniture pads are initially more expensive than are all synthetic moving pads. However, many movers have come to experience that in the long term, pads manufactured with poly-cotton sheeting provide the best financial value, given how long they last, their resilience during arduous and repetitive moves, and the fact that fewer pads may be needed to achieve optimal protection.

New Haven’s Densely Woven Poly-Cotton Furniture Moving Pads

New Haven has been manufacturing and distributing furniture movers pads for over one hundred and five years and was the first company to manufacture a machine-made moving pad in the United States. New Haven was also the first and only company in the United States to use lasers and robotics to manufacture moving pads in its factories in Los Angeles, California and in Louisville, Kentucky. As a result, New Haven has become the trusted source of high quality, dependable furniture moving pads.

New Haven offers two high quality, well-engineered poly-cotton blend furniture movers pads: the New Haven Dreadnaught #55, and the New Haven Carrier #99.

Both moving pads are made with densely woven polyester and cotton, are sewn with a sharp chevron pattern to maintain optimal integrity of material, and employ one inch zig-zag lock-stitched quilting and 38 oz. of batting, The Dreadnaught #55, which serves as the Vanguard of the New Haven line of movers pads, has almost twice as much fabric per square inch as does the Carrier, and will provide the highest degree of protection and durability available in the market to the professional mover.