Protect Your Valuables by Using Sturdy Moving Boxes


Moving boxes are not all built alike. Whether you are moving across town or across oceans you need to know that your valuables are going to arrive at the other end in one piece.

It is natural to want to cut costs as much as possible but saving money by collecting cardboard boxes from grocery stores can be a false economy if you end up with broken mirrors, crushed crockery and ruined photographs!

This article looks at four key reasons why buying sturdy moving boxes makes sense and then details why New Haven products have the edge over many other suppliers.


Reason # 1: Looking After your Most Fragile and Expensive Items

Although opting for second-hand moving boxes is never ideal, most people will get away with using a cheaper option for their low cost and durable belongings. Even if the cartons do collapse, burst or sag, such items will often survive the journey or can be easily replaced in the worst case.

The same can not be said about your expensive and fragile pieces. Economizing on their protection is asking for trouble. Some types of moving box have been designed to house specific types of item. For example, New Haven can supply a flat TV box or wine shippers to avoid any costly mishaps during transit. We also manufacture mirror moving boxes (cartons), dishpacks, mattress boxes and other customized containers.


Reason # 2: Avoiding Hidden Defects

We would be the first to applaud people who reuse and recycle but there are some cases where new is best. Procuring moving boxes is one such case.

When you use a cardboard box from a grocery store you really have no idea how old that box is. It could have been used and returned to the store three, four, five times or more. You also have no idea about what has happened to those boxes. For example, liquids could have been spilt inside or the edges could have been crushed under other boxes.

A 100 percent recycled cardboard box can be the worst of all, with little inherent or designed strength. It is much better to leave the grocery boxes for your daily shop than to risk damaging your precious belongings and having to replace them at even greater cost to the environment!


Reason # 3: Improved Efficiency

Established moving companies tend to breathe a sigh of relief when they see that movers have packed their belongings in professional grade moving boxes. Since they know that the boxes can be stacked safely and securely, movers will be able to work quickly and efficiently, making the best use of the space available in the truck.

With more useful storage space available and less time needed for loading and unloading, the entire moving process is less stressful for the customer too. New Haven moving kits are even more cost-effective.


Reason # 4: Peace of Mind

It may not be as measurable as storage space and hire cost but the value of peace of mind should not be underrated during a house move. No matter how clear your storage instructions have been or how carefully you have wrapped your fragile items, you are always going to worry about a cardboard box bursting or leaking or a stack toppling over, damaging your possessions.

Knowing that everything you value is safely stowed in stackable moving boxes designed for that sole purpose will help you to relax and trust that the move will go smoothly.


Consider Military Grade Storage from the Moving Specialists

Having worked with moving companies for over 100 years, New Haven understands just how important a sturdy moving box is. The design and technology that goes into a quality cardboard box would surprise many people. Everything from the fluting rating and amount of recycled material to the quality of the liner board and the impact of the corrugating machinery determines how a moving box will perform throughout the loading and transit process.

New Haven boxes are strength-tested using the edge crush test (ECT) method and are rated 32-51. ECT 32 rated boxes can withstand the equivalent of 40 pounds of pressure per lineal inch (lb/in).

Don’t spend hours carefully wrapping your valuables only to put them at risk through using low quality, grocery store boxes. Invest in security and peace of mind with sturdy moving boxes from New Haven.