Why Hiring a Professional Moving Company Can Save You Money

Advice for Moving
The cost of moving can be financially burdensome to a family or a company, and the final cost, after all of the bills have been tallied, often can be far more than what was initially budgeted for.

There are the costs associated with a new office, warehouse, home or apartment—including but not limited to such fees as security deposits, down-payments, first months rent, brokers fees, etc. There are bills originating from internet and telephone providers, interior designers and general contractors, painters and security system installers. The list of bills during a moving period can seem endless and is unique to each individual and company. As a result, the first impulse may be to try to save money on the move itself, as the moving process can appear at first glance manageable, and the notion of self-moving can initially appear to offer much needed cost savings.

Although there are certainly instances where self-moving can work, for the most part, using a professional moving company not only saves you from stress and hours of work, it also can ultimately save you money. There are several major reasons why this is the case.

  1. Professional movers have the appropriate professional grade moving equipment to ensure that your furnishings are protected during the packing and moving process. Moving requires moving equipment, including 4-Wheel Dollies, 2-Wheel Dollies, Furniture Moving Pads, Packaging Materials, Corrugated Moving Boxes, Crates, different types of Floor Protection and Wall Protectors, and in some cases, Stair Climbing Electric Dollies. Not only would renting or purchasing this equipment be an expense, you might not necessarily have the expertise to select just the right equipment for your move. In addition, when it comes to selecting and purchasing moving boxes, not all boxes are equal, and professional movers are well versed in which specialty boxes you will need (such as lamp boxes, TV boxes, sofa boxes, wine-shipper boxes, wardrobe boxes, etc.) and where to purchase corrugated boxes that will be durable and withstand the ardors of moving without buckling, sagging or tearing (as is the case with many boxes purchased in the large home stores).
  2. Professional movers have the expertise and proficiency to ensure that your furnishings will be protected during the packing, moving and unpacking process. There are professional techniques for wrapping, packing, loading onto a truck, and moving that require training, expertise and experience. From wrapping valuable furniture with moving pads or shrink wrap to packing electronics into just the right crates to wrapping mirrors and art using the appropriate wrapping materials or boxes, professional movers have not only the right equipment but also the right expertise. The proficiency of professional movers during the moving process tends to greatly cut down on the time it takes to pack, move and load AND protects your valuable furnishings as well.
  3. The time it takes to pack, move and unpack can cost you (and your employees if this is a commercial move) a significant amount of time that could otherwise be spent at work and/or running your business. Using professional movers therefore frees up your time (as well as that of your employees) to continue earning money and protects your business from losses associated with lapses in operation.
  4. Professional moving companies provide valuation insurance (moving insurance) which will compensate you for damaged items. Without this insurance, you are taking a significant risk.
  5. Not only can moving heavy boxes and furnishings cause injury, but sometimes moving even a seemingly light object can cause injury to you or those helping during the move. This can have major repercussions.
  6. Attempting to drive a rented truck, if you are not a practiced truck-driver, can also pose a potential risk in terms of driving accidents, and should be avoided.
  7. Movers can get far more boxes and furnishings into a truck than a lay person, saving space and thus necessitating a smaller truck.
  8. Moving furnishings and appliances has the potential to damage floors and walls. Professional movers are aware of and utilize professional grade floor protection and wall protection, saving you from financial losses associated with damages to the interior of your old or new space.
  9. What often appears to be a manageable move can suddenly become daunting and difficult midway—and by then, it may be too late to get the help you need. Although friends, family, and employees might initially volunteer or appear willing to participate in the moving process, their positive attitude may change midway as exhaustion, difficulties or stress set in. Moving yourself in a residential move can often take much longer and require far more skills than originally foreseen, and what might have appeared like a three hour move can end up going well into the night. Commercial moves can take days longer than planned. For most people, moving is not a task easily accomplished by friends, family or workers.


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