A Checklist for the Morning of Your Move

Advice for Moving

by James Levine

1. Prepare for your children’s needs on moving day. If you have young children, you may want to leave them with family, friends or a baby sitter. If your children will be with you, make sure you pack food, snacks and drinks as well as books and small toys (i.e coloring books and crayons) in a kids’ back pack. It is very easy to become distracted during the move, and you may not have the time to run to a restaurant. So the safest thing to do is make a plan that will ensure that your kids are safe, well fed, and reasonably entertained.

2. Prepare for your own needs. Make sure that all medications and vitamins that you take on a daily basis are put aside somewhere safe. Even though you might not typically eat a large breakfast, many people end up much hungrier and in need of more water than usual So plan on packing a “picnic lunch” in thermoses and air-tight, non-leaking containers. Have bottles of drinks and water on hand. And double-check that everything you could possibly need on the day of the move, is easily accessible and in one easy to find crate or box. Items to keep on hand include the following:

  1. All medications and daily vitamins
  2. An emergency change of clothes
  3. Cell phone and and Cell Phone Chargers
  4. Method of payment for moving company and your moving company’s estimate & contract

3. Electronics. Make sure that all of your electronics including laptop computers, desktop computers, telephones, Ipods, tablets, eReaders, etc. are safely packaged and packed for the movers (in a clearly labeled box) or are ready for personal transport in your car. The night before the move, make sure that the electronics you plan to take in your car are all put in one safe place, and are not scattered throughout the house. Ideally, put all electronics and you are personally transporting, including their chargers and cords, in one box. Before the movers arrive, move the box of electronics to somewhere where the movers are the least likely to mistakenly take the box.

4. Be sure to keep your cable box very safe, as the cable company will charge you for losing your box. Be sure to pack all of your television electronics (such as a DVD player, Tivo, Remote Controls) in one easy to find box.

5. Be sure to speak with the Van Foreman of your moving company to ensure that everything that you need to happen will, and to show him the items that you are taking yourself so that they are not accidentally put on the truck. Confirm any details you need to in your estimate and contract. You may want to also confirm with him that the moving company will be protecting your mattresses by packing them in a Mattress Box or in a Mattress Bag, and will also be using Floor Protection during the move. Floor Protection will protect your hardwood, tiles and/or carpeting from indentations, scratching or other types of damage. Examples of Floor Protection include Neoprene Floor Runners (mostly used for hardwood and tile), Carpet Shield, and Scuff Shields (mostly used for appliances in the kitchen). New Haven Moving Equipment sells an extensive line of protective and well-made Mattress Boxes and Bags in addition to a full line of Floor Protection.

6. Finally, confirm that the electricity, water, cable, internet and other utilities have been turned on in your new location, and that you have the telephone numbers of the various utility companies with you.

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