The Multiple Properties of Stretch Wrap

Whether you call it stretch wrap, stretch film, pallet wrap or simply plastic wrap, this versatile packaging material is highly effective when it comes to securing cartons and pallets ahead of shipping or transporting by road. Stabilizing and securing heavy loads will prevent them from falling over and limit shifting during transit, reducing the risk of damage.

New Haven Moving Equipment can supply all of the stretch wrap you need together with robust dispensers for fast and easy application.

The multiple properties of stretch wrap

Stretch wrap is used in many different ways during commercial and domestic moves. It is commonly used for preparing large shipments of boxes and is often referred to as pallet wrap in this context (although shrink wrap, a different type of film, can also be used as pallet wrap).  When wound around a load of storage cartons, pallet wrap provides extra protection, binding the boxes together and securing them to their pallet ready for their journey.

Sheets of stretch wrap can be simply wound around boxes to secure them but experienced warehouse operatives have their own methods for securing loads with stretch wrap which might involve twisting the applicator upside down and even creating extra strength and security by pulling sheets into concentrated plastic 'ropes.'

For domestic moves, stretch wrap is often recommended for wrapping furniture where it provides extra cushioning and protection from moisture and dust. It can also be built up into layers and placed inside storage boxes to cushion fragile items.

New Haven supplies rolls and cases of stretch wrap in multiple widths

New Haven Moving Equipment provides plastic wrap in various sizes to meet a wide variety of moving needs. Our narrowest rolls measure 5 inches wide by 1,000 feet and are available either by the roll or in cases of 16 complete with handles.

We also offer stretch wrap in widths of 16, 17, 18 and 20 inches and in weights of 30g, 45g, 65g and 80g. Most are sold both as individual rolls and in cases of 4.

Pre-stretch wrap is another economical option New Haven offers its customers. This is plastic wrap which has been stretched during production and can be loosely wrapped around loads for even faster and more convenient preparation.

If you are specifically looking for black stretch wrap, we can also supply this for you.

High quality stretch wrap dispensers for added efficiency

A good quality stretch wrap dispenser is a must, especially if you need to apply a lot of stretch wrap. Stretch wrap dispensers consist of a core, on which the rolls of stretch wrap sit, and a stabilizing handle to make wrapping a load quick and easy. A decent dispenser will allow you to set the tension of the stretch wrap to just the right level for smooth application.

In addition to stretch wrap dispensers that adjust from 12 to 18 inch width rolls, New Haven also supplies sets of hand savers. Also termed 'end bungs,' these can be placed either side of the core of a roll, of any width, to help with application.

How to order your New Haven stretch wrap and dispensers

As with ordering any packaging supplies or moving equipment from New Haven, simply enter the quantity of each type of stretch wrap and dispenser in the box alongside the item and click the red cart icon to add the items to your main shopping cart. Quantities can be adjusted and items added or removed before checkout. Further details on products can be found on the individual product description pages. Sizes and weights available can vary by region.